The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 64

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 64

Chapter 64

Jeremy’s smile grew wider when he saw Corinne flustered with embarrassment. “My friend, the key to playing the role of a good wife is to learn to call your husband by his first name. Do you think it makes sense for a wife to call her husband ‘mister’ all the time?”

“Call you by your name?” Corinne thought about his suggestion and had a look of disgust on her face. “Ugh, forget about it! I’ll probably get goosebumps if I do that!”

There were only a handful of people in this world who were allowed to call him by his first name only, yet she was reluctant to do so.

Jeremy’s face darkened, and he pressed her abdomen a little harder.

The extra pressure made her feel uncomfortable, so she frowned and said, “Ah, not so hard! It hurts!”

Her voice was weak due to her period pains, and the phrase ‘not so hard’ sounded very ambiguous and seductive in a big bedroom where only the two of them were there.

They were both taken aback for a moment, and their gazes froze for a moment as they looked at – each other.

After two seconds of silence, Jeremy smiled. “How much gentler do you want your belly to be massaged, huh?” He reduced his strength at once and began to caress her stomach with a feather -like touch.

Corinne felt ticklish and was very sure that he was teasing her on purpose. Her face soured and she said petulantly, “Tch. I want your gentleness to be like the air, and the best way you can do that is to take your filthy paws off me and stay as far away from me as possible!”

‘Filthy paws?’ Jeremy cocked an eyebrow and leaned closer. “What’s making you so nervous? You’re blushing really hard, you know.”

Corinne put her hand on the man’s chest and pushed him away defensively. “I’m not nervous! I just feel hot…”

‘Hot…’ That word added another layer of meaning to the already ambiguous atmosphere. She had been feeling uncomfortable to begin with, and her face only turned red because he was teasing. her. She pursed her small plump lips uneasily and lowered her gaze. Her reddened eyes even seemed a little watery, almost like she was about to cry.

It was one of those rare moments of pitifulness from that brash and headstrong Corinne. Jeremy narrowed his handsome eyes, and his throat suddenly felt a little dry as his Adam’s apple bobbed.

‘Forget it. I won’t bully her anymore.’ He gazed down, retracted his hand, and handed her the cup of warm water that he placed on the bedside table. “Drink it while it’s hot.”

Corinne took it from him and said, “Thank you.”

Jeremy got up and went to the bathroom.

Corinne heaved a sigh of relief. ‘He sure is acting a little weird today…”

Back at the Holdens’ estate, Francine sat in her small pink car and got angrier as she recalled the events of that day. She slammed her hands angrily on the steering wheel.

Her failure to catch Corinne cheating led to her being severely scolded by her grandmother. She was in a foul mood and decided to get some air by going for a ride.

At that moment, she did not dare to go home anymore after seeing her elder brother’s car in the yard. She was afraid that he would end up reprimanding her.

In her eyes, that accursed Corinne was the bane of her existence.

Nothing good ever happened to her since Corinne married Jeremy. It reached a point where her grandmother-who usually doted on her all the time-slowly began to dislike her. She was told to learn from Corinne’s example! ‘What’s there to learn from her? Does Grandma expect me to emulate how poor Corinne is?’

Francine was irritable when she suddenly spotted a short and portly man sneaking around at their door. ‘Who could that be?’

She got out of the car, observed the man for a while, and finally walked over to ask, “Who are you? What are you doing in front of our house?”


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