The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 67

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 67

Chapter 67


Jeremy was half-smiling as he stared teasingly at her.

When Corinne finally managed to tie a knot in the man’s necktie, she looked up at him and suddenly remembered something. She asked, “Are you free next Monday?”

“No,” the man answered immediately in an almost indifferent manner.

Corinne pursed her lips and did not say anything further, but she did make a point to pull his tie askew before leaving.

He lowered his gaze and straightened his tie. “What about Monday? Is something on?”

Corinne turned to look at Jeremy. After some thought, she realized that there was an issue with having him accompany her to the graduation ceremony.

Even if he had the time, in what capacity should he attend the graduation ceremony? A prominent. individual like him would inevitably attract unnecessary attention!

“Nothing. I was just asking!” She decided to give up on that idea.

Jeremy did not ask any further questions as he walked up to her and raised his hand to lift her chin. He then asked condescendingly, “Does your stomach still hurt?”

Corinne glared at him angrily. “Thanks for your concern, mister! I’m fine now!”

“Good. Remember not to die at my house,” said Jeremy insipidly. He then lowered his hand from her chin, draped his suit jacket over his arms, and turned around to go out.

Corinne brandished her fist at the man’s tall figure. This man deserves a beating!’

After Jeremy, Pamela was the second person that came to mind, and Corinne knew that the old lady would agree to accompany her to the ceremony if she asked. However, Pamela was getting old, and the graduation ceremony was a long and arduous event. Corinne felt that it would not be good to trouble her.

‘Forget it. I’ll just go there on my own.”

Monday soon came, and the dean stood on the podium in the university’s auditorium to give his opening speech.

Each department selected a top student to represent them, and each representative student would be accompanied by their respective parents, all of whom had proud looks on their faces.

However, Corinne was all alone in that row and looked a little out of place.

Inside the academic affairs department above the auditorium, the director frowned and said, ” Mister Jeremy, this is the seventh time that your sister has failed a course since she entered school. If this continues, she might have difficulty graduating!”

Francine’s family had been asked because she had underperformed in her studies.

Jeremy sat on the sofa in the office and placed his hand on his forehead. He no longer wished to care about his younger sister as she was already beyond help.

He glanced down on a whim and saw Corinne standing on the stage. “What’s happening down

there?” he asked.

The academic affairs director came over and gazed down too. “Oh, the seniors’ graduation ceremony. Those on stage are the top students selected by each department. They’re attending the graduation ceremony with their parents and giving their graduation speeches.” As he said that, he noticed that Corinne was alone on the stage. “Hmm? Why is Corinne standing there alone?

She’s the top student during the national university entrance exams, and the dean values her most among all the top students. Why aren’t her parents with her?”

Jeremy narrowed his eyes. He seemed to recall that she had asked him if he was free on Monday. Was it because of the graduation ceremony?

The academic affairs director sighed again. “Sigh. I can’t believe her family didn’t even cherish such an excellent child!”

Jeremy cocked his eyebrows and his lips twitched subtly. “Does a husband count as family?” The academic affairs director was taken aback. “What did you say?”


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