The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 69

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 69

Chapter 69

“He’s not just handsome. He has this super intimidating aura too. I bet he’s the mysterious guest invited by the school.”

Just as Corinne was going into the concluding remarks, she felt that something was not right with how everyone responded. It was almost as if they were all staring behind her.

She turned around to find out what was happening and was taken completely by surprise! ‘Why is he here?!’

Jeremy’s thoughtful gaze glanced swiftly across her as he walked forward. His tall body stood beside her, and he reached out to raise the microphone to mouth level. His low and magnetic voice resonated throughout the auditorium as he said, “Hello everyone, I’m here as Corinne’s family, and I’d like to thank the University of New Capital City for all the care that has been given to Corinne. I don’t have much time right now, so I’ll keep things short. I’m donating a laboratory building to the university in Corinne’s name as a token of appreciation for all that the university has done for Corinne.”

Corinne was speechless. ‘Is he okay or something?

The audience was in an uproar, and the university’s top management was all shocked. Everyone was stunned to hear that a building had been gifted out of nowhere!

“Whoa! Guess you don’t need to talk much if you’re handsome. You can just donate a building!”,

“He’s the most dashing man I’ve ever seen, and he doesn’t even bat an eye when he donates that building! Does anyone know who he is to Corinne?”

“He says he’s family, so I’m guessing he’s her brother? But they don’t look alike at all!”

“He’s young, so he can’t be her father, right?”

The University of New Capital City’s dean took the stage excitedly and said, “Fellow students, let us thank Corinne and her family for their generous donation. How about we give them a round of applause!”

A thunderous applause then ensued.

Ivanka’s face turned ugly, and she felt her pride being trampled on the ground. Corinne had stolen her spotlight again! By contrast, the three pianos that her father said he would donate earlier seemed to pale in comparison!

‘D*mn it! Corinne is supposed to be an illegitimate daughter whom nobody cares about! Who’s that handsome and wealthy man who went on stage with her?’

At that moment, there was a short break in between classes in the freshmen’s foreign language classroom. A female student hurried in and said, “Something big happened, Francine! I heard that your brother donated a building to the school!”

Francine, whose eyes were still red after being reprimanded by her brother because of her study Issues, was overjoyed when she heard the news. “I knew my brother still cares for me even after

scolding me! I’m glad he donated the building to the school so the teachers will be a bit ‘nicer’ to me during the exams!”

The female classmate corrected her awkwardly, “Ummm… He didn’t donate the building because of you.”

Francine waved her hand in disbelief. “Don’t play around with me. Who else would he donate it for?

The female classmate said regretfully, “But I swear it’s not for you. It’s for one of the senior graduates named Corinne!”

Francine stared at her classmate in shock. “Corinne? She’s a student at the University of New Capital City?!”

The female classmate had an expression that seemed to say, ‘How could you not know this?’ She then explained, “Corinne is a legend here in the university. She was the top scorer of her year in the national university entrance examination, and no one has ever surpassed her scores! I heard that she didn’t actually apply to the University of New Capital City, but it was our dean who visited her and invited her here!”

“That’s right! Our senior, Chester Mansfield, is so in love with her, but he still hasn’t managed to win her heart even after chasing her for three years!”

While the previous bit of information merely made her angry, it was the subsequent one that shattered Francine completely. She had a crush on senior Chester since forever, but he rejected her and told her that he already had someone he liked. Francine never thought that it would be Corinne!

Her classmate said again, “I didn’t think your brother had two younger sisters! Is Corinne your older sister, then? Why doesn’t she have the Holden surname though?”

Francine said in disgust, “Corinne isn’t my brother’s sister!”

That remark left her classmate feeling puzzled. “Then who is she? How did she get your brother to attend her graduation ceremony as her family member? To the point of donating a building in her name?”

Francine gritted her teeth. “She’s…”


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