The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 76

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 76

Chapter 76

With the call on speaker mode, the same police officer spoke through the phone, “Corinne Carew, someone had taken your wallet and phone. They’ve even used your name to book a room in a

hotel. Please come to the station now to clarify if the wallet and phone belong to you and check if there are any losses.”

Corinne replied politely, “Alright. I understand. Thank you very much, officer.”

“You’re welcome,” the officer replied.

Corinne looked at Francine pointedly after she hung up the phone. “Is that it? When is losing something a scandal? Francine, please enlighten me by telling me why you think the police are looking for me?”

Francine was stunned. For a minute there, her brain stopped working. ‘Why have things turned out differently from what’s planned? The police were looking for Corinne because she lost something?

she thought.

“Oh, Corinne. I’m so happy that you’re fine! I’m really glad that you’re fine! What a scare. I was nearly scared to death.” Pamela patted her chest to relieve herself from the stress.


Right after that, she turned to look at her troublemaking granddaughter and reprimanded her,” Francine, what’s wrong with you lately? Why do you keep making trouble? Don’t ever talk about these unvalidated things anymore in the future!”

The unsatisfied Francine raised a finger and pointed at Corinne. “Grandma, I didn’t make it up! Even Tommy found out about the hotel Corinne checked in today! The woman in the news was her! Otherwise, how do you explain why she’s wearing the same clothes as that escort?”

Indeed, Corinne was wearing the same clothes as the escort. However, she was calm and did not panic. “My clothes aren’t limited edition. It’s normal for someone else to be wearing the same thing. Though, why did you insist that I’m the escort?”

Francine snorted disdainfully. “Am I the one insisting on it, or are you really the escort? The hotel had a record of your stay, and you’re wearing the exact same clothes as that escort. How can there be so many coincidences in this world? Try to explain that!”

Corinne put her hands out innocently. “The officer explained it on the phone. Someone used my identity to open a room in the hotel. I lost my wallet and my phone after I went shopping with you. I can’t find you and I can’t contact you, so I came back by myself.”

Francine smiled sarcastically. “Corinne Carew, you’re just lying to my face!”

That explanation could only fool her grandmother, but not her. She saw Richard bringing Corinne to the hotel. How could things turn out the way Corinne said?

Corinne raised an eyebrow. “Francine, you seem to be very certain that I was in the hotel. Tell me. Did you see me in the hotel? Were you at the hotel too?”

Francine was beginning to feel guilty after hearing that. “Why… Why did I need to go to that hotel? I didn’t go there at all!”

She did see it with her own eyes, but she could not reveal it because that would mean she planned

“Hey, Corinne… I’m the one who spoiled Francine. Since she was a kid, she’s always been a girl with a hot temper and a bad mouth. Please don’t mind her words. I’ll teach her a lesson for you!” Pamela came over to ease the tension.

Corinne was her favorite granddaughter-in-law, and Francine was her favorite granddaughter. Both of them were her favorite people. She felt bad to see them arguing with each other.

With disappointment, she smacked Francine and said, “Francine, you were wrong on this matter. Apologize to Corinne now!”

Of course, Francine was unwilling to do that. Things did not go as she planned, and her brain was in a mess. Without the evidence to prove Corinne was guilty, Francine could only listen to her grandmother and reluctantly mutter, “Fine. I was wrong today. I admit it.”

Corinne gave her a faint look and said, “I’m sorry. I don’t accept your apology.”

Hearing this, Francine was irked. “Corinne Carew, I’ve apologized. What else do you want from me? Take it and leave!”

“Francine! Why are you being so rude to your brother’s wife?” Pamela scolded sternly.

“She’s not my brother’s wife!” rebuked Francine angrily. “I refuse to admit that a country bumpkin is my brother’s wife! Also, she’s a sneaky wench who married my brother just because of money!”

“How dare you?! Stop that nonsense immediately!” Pamela was so angry that she wanted to slap her, but she could not bring herself to do it. Francine was, after all, her favorite granddaughter whom she had watched since she was a baby.

Obviously, Francine knew her grandmother would not slap her. She took it for granted and continued to scold Corinne, “I’m telling the truth. She is a country bumpkin!”

Pamela was so infuriated, “You-”

Corinne was afraid the anger would make Pamela’s body worse. Thus, she walked up to the old woman and smoothened her back. “Grandma, don’t be angry. I’ll look past this, but I won’t forgive her.”


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