The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 77

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 77

Chapter 77

“Corinne, my dear. For my sake, can you…” Pamela still wondered if she could bring a truce to both. people…

Corinne stood firm. “Grandma, this isn’t the first time. Last time, she brought you to the art gallery. to catch me having an affair. This time, she insisted I was the escort and called me these dreadful names. I can’t forgive someone who keeps insulting and wronging me. Besides, she never apologized to me sincerely. I hope you can understand this, Grandma.”

Pamela sighed helplessly. Of course, she could understand why Corinne was so upset. No girl would like to be involved in those scandals, and it was normal for Corinne to be so angry. Francine had indeed gone overboard in both incidents.

‘Francine, this girl… She’s too spoiled. It’s time to teach her some manners, but she’s so weak… Sigh! Nevermind. Corinne said she was going to let it pass,’ Pamela thought.

Francine knew her grandmother would never punish her. She raised an eyebrow at Corinne arrogantly and gloated. ‘So what? | cussed you out, and Grandma isn’t going to do anything about that!’

“Apologize sincerely, now!” came the booming voice of a man. It sounded plain, but it reached every corner of the space and terrified people.

The young master of the Holdens had spoken. The atmosphere took a steep turn. The butler and servants were all surprised. It was rare to see the young master act so sternly at the young miss. It looked like he was really angry at the young miss because of his wife…

Francine was stunned as she looked at Jeremy. “Jeremy, why are you not on my side, too? Corinne must’ve said something to you, I know it!”

Jeremy’s gaze was not muddled by anger; his eyes instead looked peaceful. “It’s only right for you. to apologize after you’ve slandered her,” he replied.

Corinne tilted her head to look at Jeremy as she felt a little touched. ‘Oh, Mister is being fair. He’s not helping his sister,’ she thought.

Francine’s eyes turned red as she tried to retort, “I don’t-”

Jeremy gave her no room to back out and repeated, “Apologize to her now!”

Francine was scared of her brother more than she was scared of her grandmother. She dared to act capriciously at her grandma, but she did not dare to rebel against her brother.

In the end, she gritted her teeth and bowed respectfully at Corinne. “I’m sorry.”

Corinne looked at her and did not make any response. She turned to face Pamela instead. Grandma, I’m going to go to the station to pick up my belongings. Have your dinner first, and don’t wait for rne.”

Pamela felt sorry for Corinne because she failed to teach her capricious granddaughter. “Corinne, let me go with you.”

Corinne gave it a thought. “Uhm…sure. We can eat out after I take my belongings. Let me treat you


to a nice dinner!”

Pamela smiled kindly. “Corinne, I should be the one treating you!”

The duo held their hands together and left. No matter who was treating the dinner, it was a harmonious scene.

Francine was so annoyed when she was ignored by Corinne after she apologized to Corinne.” Jeremy, just look at her! She ignored me after I apologized!”

“You’re disallowed to have dinner tonight! Think about the mistake you made.” Jeremy glared at her coldly and quickly followed his grandmother and Corinne.

Francine gritted her teeth angrily. ‘Why are Grandma and Jeremy helping Corinne instead of me? Argh! I wish I could kill her! Wait! I need to go to the station to see what happened! How did things turn out this way?’

She remembered very clearly seeing Richard knocking Corinne out and bringing her to the hotel. He also locked Corinne in the suite with the disgusting blonde man… How, then, did Corinne come back home first?

Somewhere along the line, something had gone wrong. She needed to find out so she could finally convince the others Corinne was the escort!


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