The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 78

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 78

Chapter 78

Thus, Francine drove her car and secretly followed them to the police station.

At the police station.

The officer returned Corinne’s belongings to her and said, “Kindly check if this wallet and phone. are yours. If they are, proceed to check inside to see if you lost anything else.”

Corinne cooperated by opening her wallet to check and looking at her phone to see if the thief had used her phone. She said, “That’s right. These are my wallet and phone. Nothing is missing.”

The police officer nodded solemnly. “Please sign here, and you can take your belongings with you. Remember to be careful in the future. You won’t be so lucky to get it back the next time you lost it!

Corinne listened carefully and smiled politely. “Yes, I’ll be careful in the future. Thank you, officer!” Pamela accompanied by her side like a kind, well-mannered old lady. She expressed her gratitude to the officer and complimented them for their effort and hard work.

Jeremy’s tall, muscular figure stood not too far away from them. He had just finished a call and put away his phone. Narrowing his eyes, he looked at how harmonious Corinne was with his grandmother. His gaze turned dark.

It was a smooth process. After Corinne took back her lost belongings, she held Pamela’s arm and left the station while discussing with Pamela where they should go for dinner.

“Grandma, what do you want to eat?”

“Anything is fine with me! What do you feel like eating? We can go eat whatever you want!” Pamela answered.

Corinne thought about it and looked at Jeremy. “Mister, what do you want to eat? I’m treating it!”

Jeremy raised his brows and smiled ambiguously. “Are you really letting me pick the place?”

Corinne nodded generously. “Try me!”

Jeremy smiled teasingly. “Then let’s go to Bunding Steakhouse. They serve good quality steak.”

Bunding Steakhouse was a famous steakhouse in the city and was, more importantly, a very expensive restaurant.

‘Mister is trying to rip me off. In his dreams!’ Corinne thought.

She put away the smile on her face, ignored Jeremy who tried to rip her off, and looked at Pamela. “Grandma, can you eat spicy food? I know a place that serves good Asian food. Do you want to try?”

Pamela smiled cheerfully. “Yes! I like Asian food too. Let’s go there, then!”

Corinne smiled obediently. “Alright. Let’s go now!”

Jeremy was speechless. ‘She was the one who asked me to pick a place, yet she’s blatantly

ignoring me now. Where’s the sincerity? Even if the restaurant is very expensive, does she really think I’m going to let her treat me? Did she forget I’m a gentleman? That silly girl!’

When they were at the entrance, Francine suddenly rushed toward them.

Pamela was shocked when she saw Francine. “Francine?”

Jeremy looked angry as his eyebrows furrowed, “Didn’t I ask you to stay at home to think about what you did? Why are you here?”

Naturally, Francine was not afraid of her grandmother because she knew she was her favorite. However, she was really scared of her brother.


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