The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 80

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 80

Chapter 80

Corinne looked calm as she gave Jeremy a sarcastic smile. “What’s wrong? Are you thinking I’m suspicious, too?”

The corners of Jeremy’s lips quirked upward. “Suspicious of what? Suspecting you’d sell yourself to a lousy man as your graduation present?”

Corinne was startled at first, but she regained her senses and rolled her eyes. ‘Can’t he tell what situation I’m in now? Why does he still have the luxury to tease me? Though, does that mean he’s not doubting me?’

She ignored Jeremy and looked at the officer. “Sir, what do you need me to do to cooperate with the investigation?”

The policeman sternly instructed, “Please follow me.”

“Corinne…” Pamela grabbed Corinne’s arm worriedly.

Corinne smiled back at Pamela while feeling sorry. “Sorry, Grandma, but I guess I can’t bring you to dinner today.”

Pamela was shocked. “Corinne, are you really…”

Corinne said nothing and followed the officer to the interrogation room at the back.

When she walked past Francine, Francine smiled as if she was victorious and gloated, “Corinne Carew, do you think you can escape just because you went back home and pretended none of this happened? Justice has long arms. You can fool others, but you can never fool me!”

Corinne stopped and looked at Francine calmly. “Francine, why are you so sure I’m the escort? What did you see? Or do you have any evidence in your hand? Why don’t you tell the officer?”

A guilty feeling flashed through Francine’s face. She then snorted as if she was not affected by what Corinne said. “I didn’t see it, and I don’t have any evidence to prove it. It’s my instinct telling me! Are you still trying to deny it? I’d like to see the look on your face after the officer verifies what I’ve said is the truth!”

Corinne said nothing further. She lowered her head and followed the officer into the interrogation


Since everything turned out the way she wanted, Francine was extremely happy. She said confidently, “Jeremy, Grandma, just wait. You’re about to see the real Corinne Carew!”

After experiencing two continuous shocking incidents in a day, Pamela was not feeling very well. Tommy hurried over to bring her to sit on the bench in the waiting area.

After that, he went over to Jeremy and asked, “Sir, do I need to call Chief Thomas to tell him about Miss Corinne?”

Jeremy’s face was stone cold. No one knew if he was happy or angry, nor could anyone tell what he was thinking.

“Sir?” Tommy thought Jeremy did not hear what he sald and called out to him again.

Jeremy turned around and headed outside. He lit up a cigarette elegantly and said faintly, “Let her be. If she did do something, she should bear the consequences. If she didn’t, the police wouldn’t be able to keep her here.”

Tommy nodded, “Yes, sir.”

Francine was pleased to know her brother’s attitude toward Corinne’s situation. ‘Good. Jeremy’s not going to help her, too! She’s finished!’

10 minutes later, Corinne walked out of the interrogation room gracefully, all while the stern- looking officer spouted apologies to Corinne and even sent her to the front.

Francine noticed something was off and quickly went over. “Sir, how did it go? She’s the escort from Holden International Hotel, isn’t she?”

The officer shook his head. “We’ve gone through everything, and Miss Corinne Carew is unrelated to the information you reported.”

“What? Unrelated?!” Francine was unsatisfied with the answer. She questioned, “Did you guys really check and verify everything? She’s the escort! How is she unrelated to the case? Did she bribe you in the interrogation room?”

The officer was angry about being wrongly assumed to be engaging in bribery without any reason.

“Miss, I can tell you responsibly that my colleagues have arrested the suspicious woman,” he sternly declared. “Miss Corinne Carew’s identification card was unfortunately used by the criminals to book a hotel room. Coincidentally, she wore the same clothes as the suspicious woman, but that’s all there is.”

Francine was unconvinced and waited to reason with the officer again.

All of a sudden, however, the sound of the police car’s siren blared outside the station.

Francine frowned and glared at the suspicious woman. Suddenly, she reacted by shaking her head vehemently. “No! That’s not her! She’s not the escort!”


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