The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 83

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 83

Chapter 83

The interaction between both Corinne and Jeremy suggested they were in a relationship. It did. not look like a sweet and loving relationship, but somehow, people could easily be convinced they were in one.

‘Did Mister Jeremy save her?’ Richard thought with a face of disbelief. He guessed, “Did manage to move up the ladder from being just his mistress?”


Corinne raised her hand proudly and looked at the man beside him. “Mister, do you hear him calling me your mistress? What are you going to do about that?”

The way she complained like a little kid was too extremely adorable. Jeremy narrowed his eyes at her while his lips curved up.

He raised his head and glared at Richard from a condescending angle. “Who’s the mistress? Say it again.”

Richard shrugged nervously. “Err…her. Is she not?”

Tommy approached and said strictly, “Excuse me, Miss Corinne is my employer’s legally married wife. The only Missus Holden.”

What?! Richard got the scare of his life.

That meant… Everything he saw, such as when Corinne and Mister Jeremy hugged in the car, and when Corinne ate with Mister Jeremy…

All this time, they were already a legally married couple, and he thought she was merely his lover!

‘I’m wrong. I’m dead wrong!” he fearfully told himself.

He was done for. Not only did he offend the real Missus Holden, but he even tried to act superior by firing Corinne from Alpha Enterprises. No one would have guessed this country bumpkin could become the wife of Mister Jeremy, a man from a first-tier family!

Richard thought he would be arrested for a maximum of ten days to half a month for the crime he committed. However, knowing that he offended Mister Jeremy and his wife, it would be a miracle if he ever had his freedom again.

If the officers did not grab him from both sides, he would have fallen on his knees already. “Mister Jeremy, Missus Holden, I’m sorry. I really am sorry… I didn’t know! I didn’t know about this!

“Please forgive me for the things I did… Please let me go!

“It’s her! This woman pretended to be Missus Holden! She’s the one who incited me to set up the

real Missus Holden!”

Richard tried to save himself by bringing Francine into the picture again.

Francine panicked. “Shut up, Richard Channing! Don’t make slanderous charges!”

Since Richard knew Francine was not the real Missus Holden, he was no longer afraid of her. “Why


you know my

full name when you claim the things I’ve said were fake? No one has called my name since I got here! Also, I still have the record of you calling and sharing the location with me!”

Hearing this, Francine was terrified. “I… You…fabricated fake evidence! You want to frame me!” The officer who questioned Corinne walked over and looked at Francine with a serious face. “No wonder you insisted Miss Corinne is the escort in the hotel. You were one of the people who

planned this, thinking we’d never arrest the wrong person… Someone who wore the same clothing

as Miss Corinne!”

There was no sign of blood on Francine’s face. She continued to shake her head in denial. “No! I—I didn’t! It’s nonsense! I’m innocent!”

“We’ll see how true that is after we look into you.” The officer approached her and was about to bring her in for questioning.

However, Francine refused to cooperate and pushed the officer away. “Get off me! Who do you think you are? Why should I let you question me? Jeremy, Grandma, save me!”

Jeremy squeezed his brows together. He moved his lips and was about to say something, but…

“Jeremy, don’t save her!”

Pamela finally understood the whole thing and was extremely upset with Francine. She pointed at Francine disappointedly. “Let the police do their job and check everything she did. I want to know what kind of person my granddaughter is so I’ll know how badly I spoiled her!”


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