The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 84

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 84

Chapter 84

Francine was brought into the interrogation room by the officer for questioning, which lasted more than 20 minutes.

When the officer left the room, Tommy went over to ask about the details on behalf of the Holdens. He returned to Jeremy and Pamela to report the information he received.

“Sir, Ma’am, the police concluded their investigation. Miss Francine colluded with a middle-aged man called Richard Channing to set up Miss Corinne today. The police had found evidence of them contacting each other using their phones. Miss Francine agreed to bring Miss Corinne out of the house to the shopping mall, where they’d later team up to knock out Miss Corinne, bring her to the hotel, and set her up like an escort while setting up a man to assault her.

“Miss Corinne happened to have lost her wallet and phone, and a woman who wore the same clothing as Miss Corinne found her lost wallet and phone. Thus, Richard Channing got the wrong person. He put a bag over the woman’s head, knocked her out, and brought her to the hotel. Fortunately, the plan ended there.

“The man who paid for this service didn’t touch the woman. The woman the police arrested is also not an escort. Nonetheless… Miss Francine is in administrative detention for fifteen days because she’s committed a crime.”

The result was too much for Pamela to handle. Finally, she passed out.

Jeremy extended his hand to catch her and sternly instructed Tommy, “Call an ambulance!”

“Yes, sir!” Tommy hurried and took his phone out to call.

Suddenly, Corinne said faintly, “You don’t have to do it. I already called an ambulance just now, and it should be here by now.”

At that very moment, a group of paramedics arrived with a stretcher. They placed Pamela onto the stretcher and put an oxygen mask over her face before getting back into the ambulance and rushing to the hospital.

Under instruction from Jeremy, Tommy went along with the ambulance.

Soon, the police station returned to its original quiet and solemn state.

Jeremy looked at Corinne with narrowed eyes. ‘Did she predict everything? Is that why she called an ambulance in advance?’

Corinne felt Jeremy’s cold, investigative look on her. However, she ignored this and walked over to the officer, saying politely, “Sir, am I allowed to go in and talk with Francine for a while?”

The officer was baffled. “You’re willing to talk to her after how she tried to hurt you?”

Corinne smiled. “She’s my husband’s sister. I’ll still have to see her when she’s released, so why not go in and have a chat with her to clear the air now? I still hope we can get along peacefully in the future.”

“Young lady, you are very positive and open-minded.” The officer had a good impression of Corinne because she had been cooperative with them since the beginning.

Thus, he agreed with her request. “Alright. Go in, but not for too long.”

“Okay. Thank you,” Corinne replied.

In the interrogation room.

Once Francine saw Corinne enter, she stood up angrily and barked, “Corinne Carew! You wench! You did this to me! This is all part of your scheme!”

As a spoiled daughter from a rich family, Francine had never been interrogated, and she was terribly distraught and irritated.

The officer cuffed her hand to the table when she refused to cooperate with the interrogation. Otherwise, she would be on top of Corinne and bite her.

Corinne sat peacefully across from her. She lazily picked at her ear with her finger due to how noisy Francine was. “No, this is your scheme. I was just beating you at your game.”


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