The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 87

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 87

Chapter 87

Jeremy looked at Corinne. “Grandma is fine now. Tommy has sent her home.”

Corinne nodded reassuringly. “Alright. It’s good to know she’s alright. I’ll get going, then. Bye, Mister!”

She thus continued walking.

A few steps later, she stopped again to look back and asked curiously, “Mister, why are you following me?”

Jeremy raised an eyebrow. “Didn’t you say you were treating?”

Corinne’s lips stretched into a forced smile. “I said I was going to treat Grandma and let you tag along. Now that she can’t go, it’s not happening.”

‘Hmph! Let me tag along, huh? Jeremy’s eyebrows furrowed as he sneered. “Then let me treat. you. We still need to eat, don’t we?”

Corinne was not interested and waved her hand dismissively. “You go ahead. I have a date!”

Jeremy narrowed his eyes. “With who?”

Corinne furrowed her eyebrows unhappily. “Do I really need to tell you?”

Jeremy glared at her coldly. “What do you think?”

‘He’s too controlling! How am I going to put up with him?’ Corinne grumbled mentally.

Luckily, they were only going to be married for a short term. She could never put up with him if this continued in the long run!

She spread her hands and said, “It’s my graduation party. My classmate just texted me and invited me for a small get-together. It’s a party all night long.”

Her answer was very clear, and there was nothing wrong with her attitude. Albeit, she was not asking for his permission.

Jeremy lowered his head to light a cigarette. “Basically, you won’t be seeing your university mates anymore after graduation. Do you need to go to these useless parties?”

Corinne rolled her eyes. “I’m going! Who said the party should benefit you? We were classmates, and we’re going to be corporate slaves in the future. Parting ways to live our lives and never have the chance to party like this anymore… I want to have a good farewell with them.”

She could not tell what Jeremy was feeling from looking into his dark pupils. After two seconds of silence, he said, “Get in the car. I’ll send you there.”

Corinne shook her head. “You don’t have to. I can catch a taxi-”

Before she even finished, she was thrown into the car like a little bunny. Sometimes, she really thought Jeremy was a weird person. He was always this superior person, and worse still, he liked to stuff his nose into her business!

Corinne’s destination was Happy Party Ground.

“Thank you,” she said faintly before getting out of the car. She then walked into the party ground by herself.

The black Mercedes-Benz did not drive away, merely staying parked where it was.

The driver looked to the back and asked, “Sir, are you going home now or heading somewhere else?”.

Jeremy did not answer, and the driver dared not repeat himself.

He stared at the door to the compound with his dark, deep eyes.

All of a sudden, Zeke called.

“Hey, Jeremy, where are you? Do you want to go for a drink at Twilight?” Zeke asked.

“Let’s drink somewhere else,” Jeremy said.

“Sure. Where?” Zeke replied.

“Happy Party Ground,” Jeremy answered.

“What?! Where?!” The flabbergasted Zeke paused for a few seconds, thinking his ears tricked him.


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