The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 88

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 88

Chapter 88

A party ground was a place students loved to gather. As such, that sort of place was unsuitable and also childish to a handful of successful businessmen and rich kids.

Zeke looked around bitterly at the gaudy, garish decorations on the party ground. He voiced his dissatisfaction, “Jeremy, when did you become so childlike, coming to this place where only kids. like to play?”

Jeremy sat on the uncomfortable sofa of the private room and glanced back at Zeke. “If you don’t want to stay here, we can go wherever you want.”

Zeke shrugged. “Forget about it. We’re here already.”

Gerald walked over to give Jeremy a glass of whisky. He then cheered elegantly with Jeremy. Ast he drank the whisky, he looked at Zeke. “We’re either at the pub or the club. It’s too boring. This place is refreshing, I’d say, and it looks nice enough!”

“You’re right!” Zeke smiled and went over to sit with them.

They cheered.

“Let today be the day we reminisce about our good old days as students!” Zeke said.

To be honest, they never came to this low-class place, even when they were students.

Gerald took another sip and said, “I think the room opposite has a whole bunch of university students gathering. They look like they’re having a good time.”

Zeke looked out and smiled. “It’s graduation season now. I think they’re having their last party before they part ways. Geez, graduation… The season to fall in love!”

Gerald raised an eyebrow. “I only knew graduation is the time of breakups. When did it become the season of falling in love?”

Zeke smiled. “I bet you have no idea. They break up because they need to separate and go to different cities for their careers. Those who stay in the same city would cherish each other!

“Lots of people decide to confess their love during the graduation period. Many boys will choose. to confess on graduation day to the girls they liked. If the girl accepts, it’s a match. If not, they can avoid the unnecessary embarrassment because they won’t be seeing each other often on


Gerald glanced at him and teased, “Why do you know this so well? Did you confess to someone during our graduation day?”

“D*mn you! Do you think I need to confess my love to someone?” Zeke smirked proudly. “When was I ever desperate for a woman?”

Jeremy narrowed his eyes and swirled his glass while entering deep thought. ‘Graduation? Confess?’

He remembered this morning at University of New Capital City, a boy called Corinne over to give. her a ‘meaningful’ button. Both of them chatted happily for quite some time.

‘The silly girl looks pretty. It’s not weird if someone confesses to her,’ he thought.

The whisky he was holding was already cold with ice in the glass, yet the temperature of the glass seemed to have decreased, and the whisky was much colder than before.

Zeke raised his glass and lamented, “To be honest, I missed those study days of ours. We were so carefree at that time…”

“Excuse me.” Suddenly, Jeremy put down his glass and got up to leave the room.

Zeke was stunned as he exchanged looks with Gerald. He asked, “Jeremy, what’s wrong? Where are you going?”

“I’m going to answer a call. Don’t mind me,” Jeremy replied faintly.

“Alright!” Zeke did not think too much and cheered with Gerald. Both of them continued to talk.

Jeremy answered a call from Tommy. He felt reassured, knowing his grandmother had eaten and gone to bed. After he finished talking on the phone, he was not in a hurry to go back to his room. Instead, he looked at the door opposite his room meaningfully.

The sound insulation in this place was not very good. He could hear young adults singing popular songs at the top of their lungs from the other rooms. Most of the time, they were not in tune.

Suddenly, a boy pushed the door open to answer a call. He forgot to close the door.

Through the half-opened door, Jeremy saw Corinne sitting inside.

She leaned close-possibly because she could barely hear due to the noise-to a boy who seemed to be saying something. They were so close to each other that their faces were about to touch.” All of a sudden, a girl came over and closed the door.


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