The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 89

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 89

Chapter 89

With the door closed, it left a lot to the imagination.

Jeremy lowered his head to light up a cigar. He leaned back on the wall and puffed out the smoke. The smoke lingered around his face.

In the private room.

The electronic dance music and the disco light created a party ambiance that was lively and noisy.

“Corinne, what do you play on doing now that you’ve graduated?’ Despite sitting very close to each other, Chester needed to shout for the person next to him to hear what he said.

Hearing the question clearly, Corinne sat up straight and half yelled as she answered, “I don’t know yet. But why are you here? You’re not graduating this year.

Chester pursed his lips shyly. “Umm… A few of my best friends graduated today. They invited me


Corinne nodded to show that she understood.

Truthfully, Chester came because of her. With Corinne having graduated, it would not be easy to see her. He had secretly fallen in love with her for three years. Since he first saw Corinne in his first year, his feelings for her never changed.

This morning, he took out his courage and confessed his love to her, only for her to turn him down. Despite that, he was not about to give up. As long as Corinne was single, he had a chance!

Chester took two glasses of cocktails and gave one to Corinne. “Corinne, let’s raise a toast! Not matter what you do, I’ll work harder and see you as my role model!”

She accepted the pretty-looking cocktail and smiled. “You don’t have to see me as your role. model. All you need to do is study hard for yourself. Keep it up!”

Their glasses clinked and created a light, crisp sound. However, the sound was drowned in the noisy electronic dance music.

Corinne smiled with the cocktail glass in her hand. Before she could taste the sweet and tasty cocktail, however, a large bony hand appeared out of nowhere and took her glass.

“You’re not allowed to drink when you’re outside, missy.”

Corinne looked up and saw Jeremy’s serious-looking face right in front of her.

He saw her dissatisfaction and disgust just by looking at her face.

Nonetheless, he said coldly, “I’m here to bring you home.”

He was not too loud, yet his voice was deep and vigorous enough to reach her ears through the noisy environment around her.

‘Bring me home? But I’ve only been here for less than half an hour’ she thought.

Corinne found it hard to understand. “Do you know what time it is? Mister, didn’t I tell you I’d be late because today is my classmate’s get-together party?”

Jeremy squeezed his eyebrows. “Is that a valid reason for you to drink alcohol as you. Huh?”

like here?

Corinne was speechless. ‘He’s too controlling! I know what I’m doing, and I know how much I can drink. What’s wrong with me drinking one cocktail with my friend when I’m in the mood? she thought.

Chester stood there as he was dumbstruck. He saw this powerful man this morning. I think he’s Corinne’s relative.”

Hence, he quickly stood up and explained, “Sir, don’t you worry! This cocktail has a low level of alcohol content, and it’s not enough to get someone drunk. Even if Corinne has too much to drink, I can send her home!”

Jeremy raised an eyebrow. “You will send her home?”

Chester nodded responsibly, “Yes! So don’t worry. You can go back and leave Corinne with me!” A weird smile appeared on Jeremy’s face. “Leave her with you? What’s your relationship with her?”


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