The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 90

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 90

Chapter 90

Jeremy’s question had Chester feeling awkward. “Umm…I’m… I’m Corinne’s junior.”

Jeremy looked down at him and said, “Do you think I’d be at ease, knowing I’d leave Corinne with a junior who has feelings for her?”

Chester’s face turned red. He frowned. Being a young adult, he was angry when someone

suspected his character. “I admit I like Corinne, but I’m not a thug. I’ll never do anything to her. I respect her very much!”

Jeremy narrowed his eyes, raised the cocktail he took away from Corinne, and swirled it. The corners of his mouth were lifted. “My, oh, my. You’re so brave to confess your love to her when I’m standing here.”

“I…” Chester’s cheek became even rosier. Obviously, he felt embarrassed.

Seeing the embarrassing situation her classmate was in, Corinne furrowed her brow and stood up. “Mister, I promise I won’t drink anymore. Can you please leave if there’s nothing else?”

Jeremy looked at her with his dark pupils. “Kicking me out?”

Corinne shook her head. “I’m not kicking you out; I’m asking you to leave. Please leave. You’re going to scare my classmates!”

Jeremy’s expression darkened. ‘Scare her classmates? Who does she think I am? Am I that scary? he thought.

At that point, someone turned down the music in the room. Subsequently, a group of girls rushed out excitedly.

“Wow! You were the one who donated a building to our university, weren’t you?”

“Corinne! He’s so handsome!”

“Corinne, hurry and introduce him to us. Who is this handsome guy?”

The ladies were very excited to see a handsome man in the room. They nearly drooled, too.

Jeremy raised his brow and smiled teasingly. “I’d say, your classmates aren’t scared of me.”

Corinne was speechless. Finally, she understood what it meant when people said a weak teammate did oneself more harm than a strong enemy.

One of the girls was too passionate. “Mister Handsome, why don’t you stay and play with us? We should take this opportunity to thank you for your huge contribution to the university!”

Obviously, this girl had ulterior motives. However, the others were glad about her proposals and agreed with the passionate girl. All of the girls were hoping this handsome man could stay.

“That’s right! That’s right!”

“Stay and have fun together!”

Jeremy looked at Corinne’s speechless expression with his narrowed eyes. He curled his lips and said faintly, “I better not. Have fun. I was only coming over to check on her.”

His rough hand was placed on top of Corinne’s head. He patted her head like she was his little pet, acting like he was a responsible family member. As a matter of fact, he was actually pressuring


Corinne frowned unhappily and stared at him.

Meanwhile, all of the girls were looking at her with envy. They would be so happy to have such at handsome man rub their heads.

Corinne’s lips twitched.

Jeremy said, “Alright. Have fun with your friends. I’ll be in the room across the hallway. Come find me when you’re finished.”

He bent his body slightly, flicked away the scattered hair beside her cheek, and closed in to whisper, “Miss Corinne, don’t forget who you are now. It’s not an appropriate action for you, my wife, to get so close to other men.”

It was not a reminder but a warning instead.

Most importantly, Corinne did not remember being too close to other men. The dissatisfaction. swallowed her, but she did not have the place to vent it.

Jeremy stood straight and looked around. As a mature gentleman, he said to everyone, “Have loads of fun! Corinne will settle the bill today. It’s on her.”

Corinne’s classmates were first stunned. Not a second later, however, they burst into cheers.


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