The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 92

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 92

Chapter 92

Corinne, who was sipping juice from a glass with a straw, cocked her eyebrow and stared at Ivanka. “Can’t you play and sing your composition?”

The charming Ivanka smiled gracefully in response and said, “I can, of course, but it’s a little dull to be singing all by myself. Everyone’s hoping to see me sing and dance at the same time!” After saying that, she turned around and asked the students around her, “Isn’t that right, everyone?”

A few of the male students around her nodded eagerly at the idea of a beautiful young lady singing and dancing.

“Yeah! We haven’t seen Ivanka dance yet!”

“I heard that she studied ballet before, so she must be super graceful when she dances!”

“It’ll be difficult for us to meet again in the future once today’s graduation party is over. Watching Ivanka’s performance would be the best closing to complete our four-year journey here at university!”

“Yeah! I’m looking forward to her performance too!”

Ivanka knew that she would receive support from all the guys. She looked at Corinne with a smile.” Can’t you see how enthusiastic they are about the idea? How about we collaborate on a performance?”

Corinne sipped her juice absent-mindedly. “They’re enthusiastic about watching your performance, not me playing music. Must I be the one who plays the accompaniment?”

Ivanka had an aggrieved expression when she was rejected. “Hmm… Are you that reluctant to help me? By right, you shouldn’t be fussing over something as trivial as being my accompaniment when you’ve already made such a grand gesture of treating everyone today!”

‘Me? Fussy just because I’m not helping her with the accompaniment?’ Corinne’s lips twitched slightly. “Ivanka, if I remember correctly, you’re from the music department. There’s a bunch of people from the same department who are at the gathering today. How difficult is it for you to find someone who can play the guitar? Why does it have to be me? You and I don’t know each. other well, now do we?”

Ivanka was at a loss for words. “Well… Umm…because…” At that moment, several gorgeous girls walked to the front row and said in a genuine tone, “Because the two of you are the most beautiful girls on campus! It’ll be more wonderful than anything if the two of you perform together!”

“Yeah, Corinne. You should perform with Ivanka! Just treat it as fulfilling the wishes of the graduates!”

“Our time at university has come to an end, and witnessing two of our most beautiful students performing together at the final moments will make our time here a story worth remembering !”

Those girls were ali in Ivanka’s clique, and as soon as they came to urge lend their support, the other students also followed suit. Corinne suddenly became the center of attention as all the students looked eagerly at her.

She was too lazy to get up from her seat, and she was not interested in performing in front of so many people. However, she played the guitar once on stage during her sophomore year, and it would not be convincing if she somehow said she did not know how to play.

Everyone’s enthusiasm was making it difficult for her to avoid!

“Fine.” Corinne got up, took the guitar case from Ivanka, and said bluntly, “I’m not a professional, and I can’t play well, so I hope none of you take offense.”

“Why would we be!”

“Yup! We won’t!”

“You’re just being modest!”

Ivanka smirked smugly after achieving her goal.

The private rooms in that party ground were very large, as they were specially designed for large group gatherings. Each room was divided into upper and lower floors.

The first floor was mainly some entertainment facilities, such as karaoke boxes, billiard tables, poker tables, board games, game consoles, and the like. The one above was a more relaxed area that housed a study, a film room, and other places where one could chat quietly. There was also a beautifully furnished terrace that had a wonderful atmosphere.


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