The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 95

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 95

Chapter 95

Before Corinne could say anything, the girls next to her got all excited.

“What’s wrong? You can’t play?”

“If you can’t, then stop pretending to be an all-round student!”

“Since you can’t even play the ukulele, it’s obvious that your reputation as an all-round top student was hyped up by the dean. Who’s going to believe you if you say that you don’t have any special relationship with the dean?”

Corinne has never claimed to be a so-called ‘all-round top student’. It was only because the dean was fond of her and praised her achievements constantly that such a reputation came to stick. Furthermore, she was often called to the office by the dean for about an hour, and the reason was that the dean enjoyed math, and she happened to be the top student in the math department. Whenever the dean had any mathematical problem, he would seek her out to discuss mathematical formulas and humbly ask her for advice regardless of his status as her elder.

It was a simple routine borne of a healthy relationship, yet it warped into something so ghastly when mentioned by all of those people! The dean appreciated her academic ability, and he was one of the rare people whom she could feel comfortable with during her time as a student. She thus respected him very much, and she would never tolerate becoming the reason that her name was tarnished.

When Corinne thought of all that, she agreed to the girls’ request. “Fine. I’ll play the ukulele, then!” As soon as she made that remark, the people around immediately laughed.

“Don’t push yourself if you can’t!”

“Didn’t you just walk off the stage because you didn’t know how to play? None of us will believe you now that you say you’ll go up there and perform. Hahaha!”

“When I say ‘play a piece’, I mean playing a piece of music! Everyone has to acknowledge that it sounds good! Don’t expect to get away with just making random noise!”

At that moment, on the balcony opposite the private room, Sunny sat on the terrace out of boredom because he was too young to be allowed to drink and play poker with Jeremy and Zeke.

He did not expect to have run into Corinne there, much less in a situation where she was surrounded by her peers while they all tried to find fault with her.

“Hey, isn’t that the annoying girl, Corinne?” Sunny held a bottle of sparkling water in his hand and looked intently at the other side.

His little lackey, Felix, leaned over and stretched out his head a little. “Oh, yeah! That does seem like Mister Jeremy’s wife!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Sunny smacked him on the head! “Mister Jeremy’s wife, my foot! She’s not his wife! She’s not worthy at all! The only person who can be his wife is my sister!” Sunny corrected angrily.

“Yes, sir! My mistake…” Felix rubbed his head aggrievedly and sighed helplessly.

Sunny stared at Corinne and curled his lips into a smile. “Those people are all her friends! Heh, guess a lot of people hate her apart from me! This just proves that there’s something wrong with

Corinne’s character!”

Felix did not quite agree with his statement. “I don’t think she’s the one who has a problem. Those girls are deliberately making things difficult for h-ahh!” Before he could finish, Sunny kicked his


Sunny snorted. “Which side are you on? If I say she’s got a problem, then she’s got a problem!”

Felix nearly cried from the unfair treatment that Sunny gave him. “Okay, okay! Whatever you say, sir!”

“That’s more like it!” Sunny said arrogantly. “Now hurry and get Jeremy to come up here with the others. I want everyone to see that woman make a fool of herself! I don’t believe that this woman from God-knows-where can play the ukulele!”

Felix felt that it was a bad idea to do something like that, but he was afraid to give his opinion. again out of fear that Sunny would hit him a third time. There was nothing else he could do except nod and head downstairs.


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