The Invincible Mercenary king (Haylan Jaber) Chapter 100

The Invincible Mercenary king (Haylan Jaber) Chapter 100

Chapter 100


Lydia’s sudden kiss caught Haylan off guard.

Haylan was stunned and stood rooted to the ground.

Just as Haylan was about to make his next move, Lydia walked away. She maintained a distance of 40 inches from Haylan and looked at him with a smile. “It’s been so long since you’ve responded. It seems that you don’t want to do anything to me.

“In that case, don’t disturb me at midnight. I’ll sleep on the top bunk and you’ll sleep on the bottom bunk.”

After saying that, Lydia winked at Haylan before turning around to go to the top bunk of the iron bed.

Lydia had a good figure. Especially when she got into bed, her well-shaped burt was vividly displayed,

Haylan looked at her back, touched his lips, and smiled lightly.

Lydia was really unpredictable.

Anyway, Haylan did not suffer any losses.

“Then, my dear Mr. Jaber, good night. Remember to help me turn off the lights,” Lydia smiled before lying down.

Haylan turned off the lights immediately. He took out his phone and called Yvonne, saying in a deep voice, “Do you know


“Xavier? That devil incarnate Why are you looking for him?” Yvonne’s voice was filled with doubt.

When Haylan heard it, he had an idea. Yvonne must know Xavier.

In that case, things would be even easier.

Haylan pondered for a moment and said, “My friend offended Xavier. I want to negotiate with him tomorrow. Since you know him, help me arrange it”

“OK, no problem. Do you want to see him in the morning or at night?”

“In the morning. I think. The sooner, the better”

“Okay, I’ll see you at Magpie Cafe at 9:30 in the morning”

“Wait a moment. There are so many cafés in Lightdom City. Which Magpie Cafe are you mentioning?”

“The one on Luminosity Street in Moonlight District.”

With that. Yvonne hung up the phone.

Haylan put down his phone and was even more certain.

After dealing with Xavier, it was time to raise money.

Haylan had borrowed I million dollars from the Zabel family, but he still needed to pay the remaining 6 million dollars. There was still a huge gap, and Haylan had to raise money in a short period of time.

“Tomorrow, I can deal with Xavier first and then Declan. Then, I’ll sell one floor in either of the two buildings,” Haylan thought.

“Are we negotiating tomorrow?”

Lydia’s voice rang out from the top bunk.

“Yes. We’ll go at 9:30 tomorrow morning.”

“Can it be resolved?”

“It’s a piece of cake. Go to sleep.”

With that, Haylan took his clothes and went to take a shower.

In the darkness, Lydia looked at Haylan’s back and pondered for a while. She thought to herself, “Haylan Jaber… Who exactly he is?”

After witnessing Haylan’s terrifying strength of fighting a hundred people alone, Lydia was quite curious about Haylan’s identity. When she arrived at Haylan’s house, she was disappointed.

Haylan’s family was ordinary and poor, and his house was shabby,

However, in Haylan’s house, Lydia saw countless luxury goods, including backpacks from Hermes and Louis Vuitton, as well as clothes and shoes of all kinds of styles.

When Lydia saw those things, she thought that Haylan and his family had kept a low profile on purpose because their


money came from an unknown source.

As a result, after a night of observation, Lydia found that Haylan and his family were all enthusiastic and generous. They did not hide anything at all. Lydia tried to ask tentatively where they got so much money to buy luxury items, and she received a unanimous answer. Their luxury goods were all given by others, and they did not need to spend any money.

The answer made Lydia even more curious about Haylan!

What kind of person was Haylan? Why did others give him so many valuable things?

Moreover, as far as Lydia knew, Xavier was a devil incarnate in Lightdom City. Ordinary people could barely see him and had little chance of negotiating with him.

Lydia had once turned to many big shots in the film and television industry to ask Xavier out for a good chat, but they were all rejected.

Now, Haylan had made an appointment with Xavier with just one phone call. Such connections and methods were nonnegligible.

While Haylan was taking a shower, Lydia took out her phone and searched for Haylan’s name on the Internet.

To her surprise, Lydia did find a piece of news about Haylan. The title immediately attracted her attention. “A high school student chasing after gangsters with knives and setting fire to warehouses!”

“Was he so awesome?”

Lydia was excited. She clicked on the news and read it.

Lydia figured out that it was a piece of news from right years ago. The content was clear. Three hooligans went to the school to cause trouble for others. Haylan stood up and saved his classmate.

Haylan was thats targeted by the hooligans and was pestered by them.

Later, after a series of fights, two hooligans chased after Haylan with knives. However, Haylan then snatched their knives and chased after them. Haylan even burned the abandoned warehouse where those hooligans were.

“Was he powerful when he was still in high school?”

When Lydia read the news, her eyes lit up, and her gossipy desire surged. She sat up straight and continued searching for


However, although the matter was somewhat sensational at that time. Lydia could not find much information about it and could only learn a little. Because Haylan had injured those two hooligans and burned the warehouse, he offended a rather powerful local big shot and was forced to leave Lightdom City, his hometown, and go abroad.

As for where Haylan had gone and what he had experienced in the past eight years, no one knew

“It seems that he is so good at fighting because of his experiences overseas over the past eight years,” Lydia thought to herself

Lydia became even more curious.

What had Haylan experienced in the past eight years?

Lydia recalled the cold look on Haylan’s face when he slashed at the hooligans not long ago, and she shuddered out of fear.

That day, the driver, who tried to crash into Haylan, was pierced by Haylan’s saber. When Lydia thought of the bloody scene, her body trembled.

At that moment, Haylan walked in wearing his pajamas. When he saw Lydia looking through her phone in the dark, he said. indifferently, “Don’t look at your phone in the dark. Be careful of myopia and astigmatism.”

As he spoke, he turned on the lights in the room.

Lydia stared at Haylan with curiosity and doubt in her eyes. “Mr. Jaber, what have you experienced in the past eight years?”

“Don’t pry anything you shouldn’t know.”

Haylan glanced at Lydia. He dried his hair and lay on his bed. He circulated the Internal Strength in his body and breathed for thirty-six cycles before falling asleep.

The night passed uneventfully

The next day, Haylan woke up early and went out for his morning exercise.

Charlie and Felicia also woke up early to prepare breakfast for everyone.

“Felicia, do you think something special happened between Haylan and Lydia last night?”

As Charlie cooked breakfast, he touched his two thumbs with each other and looked at Felicia with anticipation.

“Are you joking? Is it something you should care about? Go out and buy fresh milk Felicia glared at Charlie angrily.


“Just answer my question. Charlie said expectantly.

Felicia looked at the sleeping Lydia and shook her head.

Felicia had gone to take a look in the morning. The bottom bunk was neatly made, while Lydia was still sleeping. Haylan and Lydia had not slept together at all.

When Charlie heard Felicia’s words, his eyes were filled with disappointment. He lowered his head and went out.

At that moment, William rushed in with a bottle of liquor in his hand. He laughed and said, “Charlie, congratulations.”

“Congratulations for what?” Charlie was confused.

“Don’t you know? Your son has become a leader!”

William was enthusiastic. He shook Charlie’s hand and chuckled. “Yesterday, Ms. Labenz, the CEO of our company, came in person and promoted Haylan to the deputy department head of the security department.

“Haylan’s current position in the security department is second only to one person.”


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