The Invincible Mercenary king (Haylan Jaber) Chapter 92

The Invincible Mercenary king (Haylan Jaber) Chapter 92

Chapter 92

“Are you serious? Haylan frowned in a puzzle.


That was a permanent residential base worth more than six million dollars. If Lydia wanted to give it to him, how much trouble had she been wolved and urgently needed someone to help her?

“As long as you can help me resolve this matter. I can afford to give you a single building Lydia said seriously.

What she was encountering now was especially troublesome. It was even likely that her life would be in danger.

That was why she wanted to sell the property here as soon as possible. After filming, she would take the money and leave the city as soon as possible.

It would be worth it if she could use this house to exchange for her safety.

Haylan glanced at her. “I think it’s better to use the money to buy it. For the mastermind to mobilize such an assassin, you can imagine that the person you provoked must not be ordinary.

“For mere six million dollars, do you want me to offend someone I shouldn’t? Do you think I’m that stupid?”

He bought a house so that his family could live a carefree life and not cause trouble.

In Lightdom City, he could indeed suppress some thieves.

However, he was still carrying the mission given by master. What if he provoked some bad people and they attacked his parents after he left?

Haylan was not afraid of trouble, but he could not cause trouble casually.

If others did not offend him, he would not offend them.

He still followed this principle when dealing with people.

With that. Haylan walked straight into the distance.

Lydia stood rooted to the ground, speechless She looked at Haylan in shock

She was the famous Lydia. She was as beautiful as a fairy, had fair skin and beautiful legs, and was the dream lover of many


Countless rich people had squeezed their minds trying to woo her. They had spent much time and money just to get close to her. They had done their best to satisfy many of her requests.

Some rich people even wanted to give her everything they had to show her their sincerity!

Haylan actually rejected her so bluntly?

“That’s interesting.”

Lydia looked at Haylan’s back, and a hint of curiosity flashed across her eyes. She thought, “Trying to use such a method to attract my attention is indeed a good reverse tactic. You’ve successfully attracted my attention.”

She strode and caught up to Haylan.

Soon, under the lead of the assistant director, they arrived at Mr. Whitlock’s office.

At this moment. Mr. Whitlock was receiving treatment from a doctor. There were seven to eight stitches on his forehead, making him look especially hideous and bloody.

That person had a refined appearance and a burly figure. His sharp eyes were bright and dignified.

“Mr. Whitlock, are you alright? Who knocked you out? Do you still remember what he looked like?” Lydia walked over and asked with concern

Haylan almost laughed when he heard that.

If Mr. Whitlock was still alive, it meant that this person had not seen the assassin’s appearance or symbol.

Otherwise, he would already be dead.

“That son of a bitch hit me with a black baton from behind. I passed out before I saw anything.”

Mr. Whitlock gritted his teeth and said angrily. “If I find out who that bastard is, I will definitely kill him!!*

Lydia frowned.

If he didn’t know what the murderer looked like, there was no way to investigate.

“Quick. Go check the surveillance footage and see who attacked Mr. Whitlock!” The assistant director shouted

Mr. Whitlock’s name was Laurence Whitlock. He was a professional villain actor in the entertainment industry and had a


high position. He could not be provoked.

“Yes, yes. Check the surveillance footage Lydia nodded in agreement.

The others nodded one after another. Some of the staff even wanted to check the surveillance footage immediately

“Don’t waste your time. You wont be able to find anything” Haylan said.

“If we don’t check the surveillance cameras, how are we going to track down the murderer’ Can you not give orders here!” A staff member glared at Haylan.

“Professional assassins will never leave any traces behind when they take action. If Tm right, the surveillance camera must be broken It won’t be able to capture anything.” Haylan said.



That seemed to make sense

“Don’t listen to him. Investigate immediately. I must ki

The assistant director nodded and gestured for his subs

The staff member turned

chas honor to run errands

Haylan frow

ence’s head.

who that bastard is.” Laurence shouted.

es to investigate

and left without another word

asustant director and Laurenice

but did not say much. Instead, he came in front of Laurence and carefully observed the wound on

There was one on the back of his head and one un has Korehead.

That meant that either the

and back

or the assassin had used two weapons to

from the front

Judging from the shape of

that had not been completely stitched up, it


He had also used a pair of weapor

person uncoTINCIOUS.

me and already had a candidate in mund

the only assasin

and could only knock out people who could be used, not

tually not very

ver, that person haid a huge ass T

“Who are you! What are you back.

He was already injured to this esime

was low rule

Haylan dadict abow any concern, but he actually stared at his woun

“This is Havian, my bodyguard Mr. Whitlock, he’s very powerful. If you listen to him, you might be able to find the murderer very quickly” Lysha said

“Powerful” Hehe.

Laurence wpeered and

Laylan with disdain. He mocked. “After the accident, you didn’t e surveillance cameras A bodyguard har you must be trash

to check the

Haylan ignored Laurence. He turned to Lydia and sad. “How about this? I’ll make a deal with you. I’ll help you find this assassin and stop him from killing you i’ll give me a few days to raise the money. How about that?

Dealing with this ass

very simple. He just needed to find this person and beat ham up

You have to help me deal. the mastert

ell you that house”

dia said.

“Didn’t you entrust the entire process to the agency’ I paid the deposit.” Haylanı fri

‘I won’t sell. I’ll compensate you for breaching the c ct“ lydu said.

Haylan was annoyed

That woman was clinging to him

‘T’ll give you one last chaner. I’ll help you stop this assassin. Let’s make a deal, okay” Haylan said in a deep voice

Tve already said that you must help me deal with the mastermund urales at Haylan

a” Lydia was firm and domineerin

She could tell that Haylan liked her building very much, so she could grab this

to make Haylan stand on her side


From Haylan’s performance against the assassin just now, she felt that Haylan’s ability was outstanding She wouldn’t have to worry much if he could stand by her side.

“Goodbye! I don’t want that building anymore!”

Havlan glanced at her and turned to leave.

No one had ever threatened him. Lydia using such a thing to threaten him made him feel annoyed.

Looking at the departing Haylan. Lydia was stunned.

What the heck!

What was wrong with this man? Why couldn’t he be persuaded by force or persuasion?

At this moment, the staff member who went to check the surveillance footage rushed back. He panted and said, “Assistant Director, Mr. Whitlock, Ms. Riley, I went to check. They said the surveillance camera is broken, and we didn’t capture anything

Lydia, Laurence, and the assistant director were all stunned.

Haylan was right. Nothing could be found!

“Haylan is quite capable.” The assistant director sighed.

Lydia immediately rushed out and shouted, “Haylan, wait for me!”


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