The Invincible Mercenary king (Haylan Jaber) Chapter 94

The Invincible Mercenary king (Haylan Jaber) Chapter 94

Chapter 94

Lydia walked out of the room and walked beside Haylan. She lowered her head and covered her face, looking sneaky.

Haylan was even more speechless as he watched from the side.

How was this a disguise? That was clearly telling the assassin she was suspicious. Come and kill me!

If there were really assassins around, Lydia would probably be dead by now.

That attire was too eye-catching!

One could tell at a glance that this person was very suspicious!

Looking at Lydia, who seemed to be enjoying herself with the excitement of being hunted, Haylan was speechless.

How did this woman escape the assassin’s pursuit for two days?

He could slaughter Lydia a hundred times in less than a minute if he were an assassin.

He really didn’t know if this woman was retarded or if her mind had been poisoned too much by television dramas and treated as reality.

Perhaps this would make celebrities look cute in the eyes of ordinary people.

However, in Haylan’s eyes, this was simply brainless.

He couldn’t be bothered with her. He brought Lydia out of the filming site’s parking lot and drove away with her in his car.

“Let’s make it clear first. I haven’t bought a house yet, so you have to bear it tonight and stay at my house for now,”

Along the way, Haylan was expressionless. He made a deal with Lydia, saying. “My family’s conditions are a little simple. You’re a celebrity used to a luxurious life. Bear with it for a while. I’ll take you to settle the matter tomorrow before you


He was still living in a red brick house in his hometown. The conditions of the house were simple but warm.

However, Lydia, who was used to staying in five-star hotels, might not be used to it.

Therefore, he had to give Lydia a heads-up in advance.

“Then, I’ll have some fun outside for a bit and head back later, Lydia said.

“No problem. Where do you want to go?” Haylan nodded.

In any case, it was still early. Bringing a superstar like Lydia back home in broad daylight would definitely cause a huge commotion if anyone found out.

Instead, he might as well bring Lydia to have some fun and wait until it was dark before returning home.

“Why don’t we go to Longlane? I’ve heard that it’s quite fun there” Lydia’s eyes lit up.

She had been looking forward to Longlane for a long time. She had initially planned to go to Longlane to play after filming.

In the end, after offending Xavier, she had no time to travel around.

Now that she had Haylan’s protection, she wanted to have as much fun as possible.

“Alright, Haylan said.

In the next few hours, he brought Lydia around the entire Longlane. Not only did he take the roller coaster, he even took the carousel and so on. He had a good time.

Throughout the entire process, Haylan looked at Lydia. He felt that this wornan was a little too innocent and didn’t have any schemes. That was the first time they met, and she trusted him without holding back. She didn’t doubt him at all.

If this was a crafty assassin, he could just play a double act and trick Lydia. He could even kill her a hundred times over.

“Haylan, come and have some fun.”

Soon, the sky turned dark and the lanterns were lit.

Lydia sat on a carousel and waved at Haylan with a smile.

In the process of having fun, she had already removed the so-called disguise on her face. At this moment, under the light, she looked even more beautiful

It was hard to imagine that a woman in her late thirties could have such an innocent side.

Haylan lit a cigarette and sat outside. He smiled and said, “Go ahead and play. I’ll rest for a while.”

As he spoke, he glanced at the crowd with disappointment in his eyes.


Truth be told, the reason why he had brought Lydia to Longlanie Annisement Park wasn’t to satisfy 1 ydia. Rather, he wanted to use Lydia as bait to lure the snake out of its hole.

As long as that assassin still came to assassinate Lydia, he would be able to deal with him directly. There was no need to take Lydia home.

Unfortunately, the assassin did not appear even whe

was dark

Haylan extinguished the cigarette and said to Lydia, “Alright, Ms. Riley, we’re going home.”

If they were any later, they might not be able to eat the braised pork cooked by their mother.

That was a dish he liked very much!

Although he was happy playing with Lydia, he yearned for his mother’s cooking even more.

“Let’s play for a while more. I heard that there’s a 3D movie to watch later. There’s also a magic party or something”

Lydia walked out of the carousel and hugged Haylan’s hand, acting cute and pitiful.

“No, I have to go home. My mother is making braised pork tonight.”

Haylan ignored her coquettishness and left.

“What? Braised pork?”

When Lydia heard this, his eyes lit up with joy. She immediately followed behind. “It sounds delicious. I want to eat it too.”

“Hey, superstar, are you kidding me? This is just a home-cooked dish. Do you have to be so excited?”

“Of course I’m excited. I haven’t eaten meat in two months”

“You must be kidding, right? A celebrity like you is wealthy. Can you even afford meat

“No. Lean afford it. I need to film movies recently. So, my manager and director won’t let me eat meat.”

“They are even controlling your meals?”

“Of course, there are all kinds of weird things in the entertainment industry. It’s normal to diet and lose weight.”

Haylan was again taken aback by what he heard.

“Then you might as well be an ordinary person with a free diet.”

“I don’t want to. Although I’m not free to eat and drink, I earn a lot of money. If I become an ordinary person, 1 probably won’t be able to earn a salary for one of my movies in my entire life. When I earn enough money. I’ll be an ordinary person again”

Upon hearing this, Haylan fell silent.

What she said made too much fucking sense!

He was speechless!

Haylan drove towards Ruglane District with Lydia, who had already had lots of fun.

At this moment, Haylan’s face suddenly darkened. He looked at the rearview mirror and smiled. He thought, “After waiting for you for an entire day, you’re finally here!”

In the rearview mirror, a Sylphy car followed behind him unhurriedly. As he accelerated, so did the car.

He slowed. So did the car.

Moreover. Haylan sensed a murderous aura from the car.

“Ms. Riley, sit properly,” Haylan said.

“Huh” Lydia Wang was stunned.


Before Lydia could react, Haylan stepped on the accelerator. The BMW 8 immediately roared and rushed out like a bolt of lightning, quickly leaving the Sylphy behind.

The Sylphy car clearly did not expect this and hurriedly chased after him.

The BMW 8 sped on the road at a very fast speed. However, a construction sign suddenly appeared in front of them. A traffic police was doing car diversion work and diverting cars to other roads.

Haylan followed the guidance of the traffic police and drove to a road on the right.

That was not the way home at all, but another way.

After driving for two kilometers, there were fewer and fewer cars on the road. In the end, there were no more cars


They had driven 3 miles, but there was not a single person

“Haylan W-Why do I have a bad feeling about this?” Lydia said with a trembling voice.

“You are right for having that hunch Haylan smiled.

At this moment, a siren sounded.

The traffic police officer guiding the vehicles caught up with them on his police motorcycle and stopped in front of Haylan. He signaled for Haylan to stop the car. After Haylan parked the car.

stop the car. After Haylan parked the car, he came to Haylan and sand

he came to Haylan and said in a deep voice, “Sir, I suspect you are driving drunk. Please get out of the car and cooperate with our inspection”

Sure No problem”

Haylan revealed a bright smile. Then, he quickly grabbed the traffic policeman’s head and slammed it against the car door with a bang


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