The Invincible Mercenary king (Haylan Jaber) Chapter 95

The Invincible Mercenary king (Haylan Jaber) Chapter 95

Chapter 95

Haylan exerted much force on his hand. With a single punch, the traffic policeman’s helmet instantly shattered, and his forehead was severely injured.

“Haylan, are you crazy? He is a traffic policeman. You… Lydia was stunned.

Assaulting a police officer was a serious crime.

“Assaulting a traffic policeman? At least he should be a real traffic policeman,” Haylan said lightly.

“Huh” Lydia was stunned.

“Son of a bitch!”

The traffic policeman, whose head was beaten up, felt dizzy and became furious. He took out a dagger from his waist and stabbed it fiercely at Haylan’s neck.

Without another word, Haylan quickly opened the car door and sent the traffic policeman lying.

At that moment, the traffic policeman’s head was bleeding. His broken helmet fell to the ground, revealing his true appearance.

There was a cyan dragon tattooed on the traffic policeman’s forehead. It was sinister and eye-catching.

“He…” Lydia looked at the man and immediately understood.

As a righteous police officer, he couldn’t have a tattoo on his body. So, he was a fake traffic policeman!

Suddenly, countless car horns could be heard.

Cars rushed over like steel beasts and blocked Haylan’s car in the middle, making it unable to move.

A group of burly men with polished weapons in their hands got out of the car and stared coldly at Haylan’s BMW

Seeing the scene, Lydia was so frightened that her face turned pale. She grabbed the handle tightly and said with a trembling voice, “Haylan, what… What should we do?”

“They’re just a bunch of trash. There’s no need to be afraid of them. Stay in the car and don’t move. I’ll deal with them. It’ll

be done in ten minutes.”

Haylan lit a cigarette and got out of the car. After closing the car door and locking it, he glanced at the group of people indifferently.

There were many people in front of Haylan, at least a hundred in total. They were as aggressive as wolves and tigers.

However, in Haylan’s opinion, those people were good for nothing, and it was only a bluff

The fake traffic policeman, whose head was covered in blood, struggled to stand up and stared fiercely at Haylan. “How did you know that I was an imposter?”

“Bro, the badges on your shoulder are all wrong. That insignia should be the rank of major. Do you think the major will be a traffic policeman?”

Haylan took a pulf of his cigarette and looked at the fake traffic policeman disdainfully. “You don’t even know such common sense. How did you manage to survive?

“With your ability, do you still want to be an assassin? I’m afraid you’ll die before you leave the training camp. How did the leader of your assassin organization send people like you out? Isn’t he afraid of damaging the reputation of the organization?” Haylan didn’t know what to say.

After living for so many years, this was the first time Haylan had seen such a stupid killer.

How amateurish!

Moreover, the fake traffic policeman was uncultured!

“So, you recognized me long ago.” The fake traffic policeman’s face darkened.

“I could tell you were an impostor when you directed the vehicles.”

“Since that’s the case, why did you follow my instructions and drive to this road?” The fake traffic policeman looked puzzled

He thought. “The guy knew that I was a fake, yet he still dared to drive here. Was there something wrong with his brain?”

Haylan smiled. With the cigarette in his mouth, he said calmly. “If I didn’t come here, would you appear?”

“What do you mean?” The fake traffic policeman’s face turned cold.

Haylan glanced at everyone at the scene. His eyes were filled with confusion as he said, “So many amateur assassins are here.


You’re indeed unprofessional. Will all the assassins act at the same time!

“Wait. Don’t tell me you’re not killers.”

So many people had come at the same time. It was not the style of an assassin organization.

Instead, it was the style of those gangsters on the street!

“I don’t understand what you’re talking about. I don’t care about Ms. Riley or something else. Today. Im here for you. You’ll be dead today”

The fake traffic policeman did not wait for Haylan to finish speaking. He immediately pulled out a machete nearly 20 inches long from his waist and threw it at Haylan

Then, he roared. “Attack! Kill him”


Haylan dodged and reached out his right hand to grab the machete. His expression was stunned.

Haylan wondered. “These people weren’t here for Lydia, but for me?

“What’s going on?”

Haylan didn’t have much time to think about it carefully. With the fake traffic policeman’s roar, a hundred burly men brandished their weapons and charged at Haylan.

Haylan jumped up and kicked the burly man at the front away.

Then he put the cigarette on the roof of the BMW,

“Haylan, are you crazy? Hurry up and get in the car to escape!” Lydia shouted anxiously in the car.

So many people were rushing over, and they could drown Haylan if they spat.

In the face of such an urgent situation, Haylan was still thinking about cigarettes. He was simply crazy!

Before Lydia could finish her words, five burly men rushed to Haylan’s side. They raised their weapons and slashed at the back of Haylan’s head.

At that moment. Haylan suddenly turned around and drew a perfect semicircle with the machete in his hand, cutting the weapons in those people’s hands into two,

“How is this possible?”

Seeing that, the five burly men were dumbfounded.

Before they could react, Haylan slashed five times at lightning speed.

A bone-deep wound immediately appeared on the chests of the five burly men. Blood gushed out as they screamed and fell to the ground. They kept wailing continuously.

Haylan held his bloody machete and stared coldly at the crowd rushing over. His eyes were as sharp as blades when he frowned and said. “There are so many people. Wouldn’t I have to slash a hundred times? How troublesome.”

With that, Haylan charged at the crowd like a ferocious tiger. He raised his machete and began his merciless attack.

In Haylan’s hands, the machete seemed to have a life of its own. It leaped left and right like a venomous snake flicking its tongue, like a mad dragon emerging from the sea, like lightning descending

In the blink of an eye, tens of thousands of saber lights shone. They were so fast, and one could not see them clearly with his naked eye.

Haylan’s figure was like a butterfly as he shuttled through the crowd.

Wherever the machete passed, the hooligans fell

A minute later, Haylan returned to where he’d been, picked up the unfinished cigarette, and bit it in his mouth.

Behind Haylan, about a hundred hooligans were all lying on the ground in a pool of blood, wailing.

Some of them lost the tendons on their limbs, their ears, their noses, or even their arms….

Sorrowful roars could be heard continuously.

Blood dyed the ground red.

Haylan stood in the middle of those people with a machete in his hand and a cigarette in his mouth. His entire body was wrapped by an aura that made people dare not to look straight at him.

Haylan was like a Super Slayer.

He was like a peerless warrior.

Lydia looked at everything outside the car. Her watery eyes were filled with shock, and her mouth was agape. She couldn’t say anything for a long time.

The fake traffic policeman was also dumbfounded, his face filled with disbelief.

Then, he and his men looked at Haylan with even more shock in their eyes.

Haylan had attacked more than a hundred people in a minute alone. Was he a human?

Haylan was more than a monster!

Even Bruce Lee wasn’t his match, okay?

In particular, the fake traffic policeman was aghast and sweating profusely.

The fake traffic policeman wanted to leave, yet he was oppressed by Haylan’s strong killing intent. His legs were trembling. and he could not move at all.

Haylan blew the smoke and stared coldly at the fake traffic policeman. “You just said that you were here for me. I have no grudges against you. Why did you want to kill me?

“Tell me, who is behind you?”

The fake traffic policeman’s eyes were panicked. He was trembling, and his teeth were chattering. He could not say a single word at all.


All of a sudden, the roar of a car sounded. The Sylphy that had been following Haylan charged toward Haylan like a steel



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