The Invincible Mercenary king (Haylan Jaber) Chapter 96

The Invincible Mercenary king (Haylan Jaber) Chapter 96

Chapter 96

“Haylan, be careful!”

In the car, Lydia screamed in fright when she saw Sylphy rushing over.

The fake traffic policeman smiled sinisterly.

He seemed to have seen the tragic scene of Haylan being smashed into a pile of meat paste.

Facing the approaching car, Haylan did not panic. He threw the machete in his hand on the spot.


Like a javelin, the machete shattered the glass and pierced the driver, nailing him to the seat.

Although the driver was dead, the car still rushed over without slowing down.

The next moment, Haylan threw a punch.


With a loud bang, a huge dent was left in the front of the car. The engine was destroyed and was smoking.

The car stopped because of Haylan’s punch.

“No… It can’t be…”

When the fake traffic policeman saw Haylan’s action, his mouth was wide open, and his jaw was about to drop to the ground.

In the BMW, Lydia was dumbfounded as well.

The scene was so shocking!

Other than the fake traffic policeman and Lydia, all the hooligans who were injured by Haylan were shocked and widened their eyes.

How was it possible to destroy the engine of a car with one punch and stop a speeding car?

Was Haylan a monster?

Haylan waved his hand and said reproachfully. “What’s going on? If you want to fight, just fight with me. Why did you have to drive here? I just bought my car not long ago.”

Haylan wanted to dodge just now, but considering that his new BMW was behind him, he could only block the speeding car with his fists

Haylan strode to the fake traffic policeman and said coldly, “You’re here for me. Tell me, who instructed you?”


The fake traffic policeman’s eyes were filled with even more fear. He wanted to escape.

However, he was so frightened that his legs went weak, and he could not move.

Haylan’s aura was terrifying, putting the fake traffic policeman under immense pressure. When Haylan arrived in front of him, he couldn’t take it anymore and knelt on the ground.

“Tell me,” Haylan said in a low voice.

Haylan’s words were not harsh, yet they carried a trace of incomparably terrifying pressure. The fake traffic policeman could no longer withstand it and completely collapsed. He said with a trembling voice, “It’s… It’s…”

Before the fake traffic policeman could finish his sentence, a saber suddenly appeared behind him and stabbed his body as fast as lightning.


Haylan reacted immediately and pushed the fake traffic policeman aside.

The saber was ferocious as it pierced through the fake traffic policeman’s shoulder.

Haylan reacted quickly. Otherwise, the saber would have pierced through the fake traffic policeman’s heart.


Although the fake traffic policeman’s life was not in danger, the pain from his shoulder still caused him to scream and his face to Twist.

Haylan did not look at the fake traffic police. Instead, he turned to look in the other direction.

On the other side of the road, a man with two sabers on his back appeared.


The man was of medium build and even a little skinny. However, his eyes were even more terrifying than evil spirits. His body as well as the depths of his eyes, was filled with scary killing intent. He was like a demon wolf that had come from hell.

He was strange and cold’

His killing intent was strong and nonnegligible

As soon as the man appeared, the terrifying killing intent swept through the place, causing the temperature at the scene to drop rapidly.

The hooligans who were originally wailing fell silent in an instant. They did not dare to say a word, and their eyes were in


Vicious Vicious Wolf?”

The fake traffic policeman fell to the ground. After he looked closely at the man, his pupils constricted, and a trace of anger and hatred flashed across lus eves.

The fake traffic policeman gritted his teeth and said. “Haylan, he is a wanted criminal named Vicious Wolf. He has killed many people before. You have to be carefull

“Also, Deacon sent me here. He was bribed by Declan and wanted to kill you!”

The fake traffic policeman was working for Deacon. Unexpectedly, he didn’t expose Deacon’s name, and Vicious Wolf wanted to kill him Obviously. Vicious Wolf was following Deacon’s instructions. Deacon was the one who really wanted to kill the fake traffic policeman.

Therefore, the fake traffic policeman told Haylan everything he knew on the spot.

“Declan is courting death”

Haylan’s gaze instantly turned as cold as ice.

Havlan had spared Declan’s life time and time again. In the end, Declan was actually so vicious and got someone to kill Haylan. He was just tired of living.

Before Haylan could do anything. Vicious Wolf appeared in front of him like a ghost.

As Vicious Wolf arrived, a murderous aura swept over like a tsunami and restrained everyone present.

Then, like a venomous snake flicking its tongue. Vicious Wolf’s saber stabbed at Haylan’s throat at a fast speed.

It was fast!

It was fast to the extreme!

It was so fast that the fake traffic policeman. Lydia, and the others couldn’t react in time. Vicious Wolf’s saber was only one inch away from Haylan’s throat

With just one more step, Vicious Wolf could cut Haylan’s throat.

Vicious Wolf laughed sinisterly as if he could already see the scene of Haylan’s throat being cut and blood spraying out.

Vicious Wolf had killed many people and was a professional assassin. After many years of training, his techniques of using a saber had reached an unbelievable level. His speed was so fast that many people could not react.

Vicious Wolf believed that as long as he attacked, he would definitely kill Haylan.


At the critical moment, Haylan stretched out two fingers and caught Vicious Wolf’s saber.


Vicious Wolf widened his eyes in disbelief.

His lightning-fast saber was actually blocked just like that?

Without another word. Vicious Wolf tried his best to stab the saber.

However, the saber seemed to have taken root in Haylan’s two fingers and did not move at all.

“Damn it!”

Vicious Wolf knew that he had encountered a top warrior. He gritted his teeth, pulled out the other saber on his back, and slashed at Haylan’s head.

His speed was still fast!


Vicious Wolf was fast, while Haylan was faster than him.


With a loud bang. Vicious Wolf was kicked more than thirty inches away by Haylan. He rolled on the ground and was in a

sorry state.

When Vicious Wolf stopped and struggled to get up, Haylan appeared in front of him like a ghost and stared at him coldly.

“What?” Vicious Wolf’s pupils constricted, and his expression changed drastically.


Before Vicious Wolf could react, Haylan’s palm had struck his chest.

The tyrannical and terrifying power broke Vicious Wolf’s ribs.

Vicious Wolf flew out of the road like a broken kite and fell into the grass on the roadside. Blood streamed down from his seven orifices and he fainted.

When the fake traffic police and the hooligans saw the scene, they were startled and couldn’t speak.

Vicious Wolf was the strongest warrior under Deacon. His strength was unparalleled, and he had once assassinated many people for Deacon. He was the representative of hell in many people’s hearts and had killed countless people,

As a result, such a top warrior was knocked unconscious by Haylan in a short time.

How was that possible?

Haylan walked to a hooligan who had been slashed to the ground by him. He said coldly, “Give me your phone.”

The hooligan didn’t dare to disobey. He took out his phone hurriedly and handed it to Haylan.

Haylan used the phone and called the police. “Officer, the wanted criminal, Vicious Wolf, has appeared. He injured many people. Please come over immediately.”

Haylan told the police the address and then threw the phone at the hooligan. He glanced at everyone at the scene and said. coldly. “When the police arrive later, you know what to say, right?”

“Yes, we understand. Everything was done by Vicious Wolf.” The fake traffic policeman and the others hurriedly nodded.


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