Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 101

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 101

Chapter 101 The Fight Begins

She chose to ignore Tiana’s words. After all, she herself knew better whether or not the man

was old.

Tiana looked at Elizabeth with a smug look, assuming the latter would feel sad. Elizabeth, however, would not let Tiana get her way and changed the subject.

Judging from the luxurious manicure with real diamonds on Tiana’s nails, Elizabeth could tell that the former was well taken off in the Wade family.

“That looks nice.”

After saying that, she returned to her table and added, “I’m talking about your nails.”

She did not compliment Tiana on her appearance, as the latter was always an ugly duckling

to her.

Tiana had known about this since childhood.

In truth, both of her parents had a good look. However, she inherited their shortcomings of having small eyes, a round face, and a flat nose.

Speaking of which, Tiana was livid. Somehow, she was glad that she had secretly had

injectables to improve her facial appearance these few years. At least, she was considered pretty

the crowd now.


Things were the opposite whenever she stood together with Elizabeth, though.

Tiana was furious at the thought. She wished Elizabeth could die, but the latter was still


Clenching her fists in rage, she gave Elizabeth a cold glare and said, “Even if I’m not as pretty as you, I am the apple of the Wade family’s eyes and have a better life than you. Look at you!


grew up without a mother, and Dad never liked you. Now, you even have to earn a living and raise three kids alone at such a young age. What a pity!”

Elizabeth’s expression slightly changed when she heard that.

“Who’s the culprit behind all of this, then? Tiana, what goes around will come around. You

and your mother will have to pay for it sooner or later.”

The two ladies started quaneling. As Elizabeth began to turn the table on Tiana, the latter

crossed her arms and stated, “Elizabeth, go get me a cup of coffee.”

Elizabeth was organizing Matthew’s schedule, and she still needed to study and prepare

herself for university. Since she had a stable job now, she wanted to start improving herself.

“Mr. Hilton said I’m his personal secretary and serve only him.”

Matthew had never said such words before. However, he was not around in the office, and

thus, Elizabeth could bluff anything.

Infuriated, Tiana got up and approached Elizabeth with a menacing look.

She swept everything on Elizabeth’s table onto the floor and scolded, “Elizabeth Wade, you’re only his secretary. It’s a job. Do you think you’ve become his wife just because of the


Elizabeth was stunned when she saw her cup shattered. The cup carried a special meaning,

as she had made it together with her three children.

She immediately got up from her chair and pushed Tiana to the side.

“Are you crazy?”

Bending down, she picked up the pieces of the cup. Still, the photo of the four of them on the cup had shattered. Damn it! She’s still the same despicable girl I know.

Being pushed to the side, Tiana was enraged. She could not bear seeing Elizabeth being

around Matthew every day and wanted to get rid of her.

Hence, she stepped forward to pull Elizabeth’s hair. The latter, however, was no easy prey.

Back when Elizabeth worked in Night City, Dominic had found her a coach to learn self-defense skills to protect herself. Eventually, she earned herself a black belt in combat arts.

Hence, when Tiana pulled her hair, she turned around and pinned the former onto the floor.

Tiana did not expect Elizabeth to fight back, and the pain was unbearable for her.

“Help! Elizabeth is hitting me!” she screamed and cried, her voice sounding miserable.

When she raised her hand to wipe her tears away, a sinister smile could be seen on her face.

Let’s see if you can stay in this company, Elizabeth. I bet he’ll definitely fire you.


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