Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 102

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 102

Chapter 102 Get Her Out Of Here

Upon hearing the cries from the CEO’s office, Gracie walked into the room and saw a lady

with messy hair crying on the floor.

Slightly startled, she quickly walked over to check what was going on.

“Ms. Wade, are you okay? Let’s get up first.”

After Gracie helped Tiana sit on the couch, the latter held her waist and remarked, “My

waist! My hair! Elizabeth, why did you hit me?”

At the end of her sentence, she sobbed and wiped her tears, trying to get others’ sympathy..

however, Gracie knew who Matthew cared about and dared not to comment on anything.

“Ms. Wade, do you want us to send you to the hospital?”

Elizabeth, on the other side, remained silent as she picked up her books, some documents,

and the pieces of her cup on the floor.

Right then, Esme heard of the fight in the CEO’s office and informed Matthew about the

incident in no time.

When Matthew entered the room, he spotted Elizabeth picking up the pieces of her precious

cup on the floor. He was afraid that she would injure herself, so he remained silent.

As he watched her pick the pieces up and wrap them in a paper bag, he could not help but


To Elizabeth, it was not an ordinary cup but a memory of her and her children. Whenever she

saw the four smiling faces on the cup during working hours, she would have a smile blossoming

on her face.

All of this encouraged her to work hard and stay strong for her children, no matter what

challenges she was facing.

Upon seeing Matthew, Gracie greeted, “Mr. Hilton.”

“It’s so painful. My waist hurts!” Tiana Immediately wailed in a more miserable tone.

Putting her things away, Elizabeth looked at Matthew and stated, “Mr. Hilton, I’ll pack my

things and leave immediately.”

She believed Matthew would be angry about what had happened today and wanted her to


Nevertheless, she could not take it any longer. She could tolerate anyone, but not Tiana.

Matthew stood by Elizabeth’s table and watched her pack up her things with grit and


He realized Elizabeth would put herself on guard when facing Tiana, and she would even

give up her job.

“Please make fifty copies of this document,” Matthew ordered.

“What?” Elizabeth was taken aback.

“Who said you can leave? Do you think Hilton Group is a place you can come and go as you


Matthew stared at Elizabeth with a solemn expression, and his gaze darkened.

“Okay.” Elizabeth quickly took the document over.

She thought she had to leave for offending Matthew’s girlfriend and was glad to hear that he

did not dismiss her.

After all, she never wanted to lose the job.

After Elizabeth went to make copies of the document, Matthew strode toward the couch and

said to Gracie, “Ms. Johnson, you may get back to work now.”

His voice was low and cold. It sounded as though he blamed Gracie for being nosy, not

paying attention to her own work, and only caring about other matters.

“All right, M. Hilton.” Gracie nodded slightly.

Where did I do wrong? Could it be because I’m comforting Ms. Wade? Having that thought

in mind, she suddenly realized that Matthew was biased toward Elizabeth.

I guess the mother of his children is more important than his girlfriend.

Sitting on the couch, Matthew crossed his legs and stared coldly at Tiana, who frowned with

a grimace.

Unable to withstand his stare anymore, Tiana wiped away her tears and uttered, “Matthew,

Elizabeth is crazy. You told me to come to your office before you get off work. I happened to be nearby and came over early. She hit me right when I entered your office. I don’t even know what

had happened.”


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