Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 103

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 103

Chapter 103 Biased

With that, she began to wipe her tears again. The hatred in her eyes was so intense. How

dare she say I’m ugly!

She had pulled Elizabeth’s hair to serve as a warning just now. However, she had never

expected the latter to retaliate and seemed to leain combat skills before.

Feeling resentful, she was determined to give Elizabeth a lesson.

With a sneer, Matthew lowered the projector screen, clicked on his phone, and started to

play footage of his office.

Tiana gaped at the screen in utter shock because Matthew had zoomed in on every single

movement of hers. Everything was clear now.

It was obvious who was in the wrong between the two.

As the footage ended and the projector screen retracted to its original position, Matthew

smiled faintly, sending a chill down Tiana’s spine.

Tiana swiftly sat up straight and tried to explain, “Matthew, she called me ugly! That’s why I

grabbed her hair.”

Upon hearing that, Matthew scoffed, “Well, she’s only telling the truth.”

That was undoubtedly another pierce to Tiana’s heart, making her feel even more miserable.



She got up and sat next to Matthew, trying to hold his arm.

However, Matthew moved aside as he said coldly, “Tiana, we’re only business partners, and I

have given you some benefits and authority. Others may have to treat you with respect just

because you’re my woman, but not Elizabeth. Do you understand?”

Tiana nodded, even though she was unhappy that Matthew was protective of Elizabeth.

She’s only a secretary. Couldn’t she show some respect to me?


Still, she pretended to give in.

“Understood. I promise I won’t mess with her again. Please don’t be angry, Matthew. By the

didn’t you say that you want me to go home with you tonight? I didn’t get to see Hector that

day. Hence, I bought him a gift today.”

She then took out a box of health supplements.

“It’s good for elders.”

She smiled faintly, thinking Elizabeth was no longer her concern after gaining the Hilton

family’s favor and becoming Matthew’s woman.

Once I have Matthew’s heart, nothing can stop me from bullying Elizabeth anymore!

Meanwhile, Elizabeth returned from photocopying the documents and saw Tiana was

smiling. Mr. Hilton is not only a capable person but also good at coaxing a woman.

Putting the documents on the table, she informed, “Mr. Hilton, I’ve made the document

copies as you requested.”

With that, she returned to her table and continued her work. However, she felt uneasy in

front of the couple, feeling as though she was a third wheel between them.

Hence, she stood up and stated, “Mi. Hilton, Mr. Mack said we’re running out of coffee

beans and asked me to buy some from the store,”

As soon as her words fell, she grabbed her bag and left. They had indeed run out of coffee

beans, but her initial plan was to get someone to send the coffee beans over. Buying coffee beans.

from the store was just an excuse.

“Okay!” Matthew replied.

He thought Elizabeth was in a bad mood and probably did not want to see Tiana. Since he

needed Tiana for an act later, he could only let Elizabeth leave for a break.

Initially, Matthew told Tiana that he needed her for an act, and the driver would pick her up

at six o’clock.

Never did he expect she would arrive earlier and bump into Elizabeth.

When Elizabeth exited the CEO’s office, Esme arrived. He greeted with a smile, “Ms. Wade,

where are you going?”

Elizabeth flashed him a charming smile.

“Mr. Mack, It Hector that you asked me to buy coffee beans from the store just now. Please

cover that for me. Thank you!”

She put her hands together and bowed at Esme.

Esme felt a tad surprised.

What? Ms. Wade, are you kidding me? How could I get you to run an errand? Oh, no. I’m



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