Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 104

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 104

Chapter 104 Matthew Likes You

After exiting Hilton Group, Elizabeth hailed a taxi to the hospital. She deliberately bought

Pearl’s favorite dessert and a cosmetics set for Jessica.

When she arrived at the ward, Pearl had gotten her injection and fallen asleep. Jessica was

also sleeping beside the kid’s bed.

Seeing that, Elizabeth took a blanket and covered Jessica with it. Jessica was only lightly.

dozing, and she opened her eyes as she felt a warmth on her body.

She had gotten used to it two years ago, as she was wonied about her kid. Hence, she would

be awakened by even a little noise.

“You’re here, Lizzy,” Jessica remarked as she wiped her face.

“Just sleep a little longer.” Elizabeth adjusted the blanket on Jessica.

Jessica shook her head. When she saw the cosmetics and desserts on the table, her gaze


“Lizzy, why did you buy me the cosmetics? I don’t even have the mood for it now.”

If it were not a requirement to put up makeup when working in Night City, she would not.

even want to wash her face during the day, not to mention any skincare routine.

Elizabeth caressed Jessica’s face. “Women should never give up on taking care of their

appearance, no matter how bad the situation is. It’s not for others but for yourself.”

That was what she learned from the past. No matter how tough her life was, she persisted in

carrying on her daily skincare routine, having a morning run, and practicing yoga.

Maintaining her appearance boosted her self-esteem, and her mood eventually got better.

Nodding, Jessica responded, “You’re right. We should not give up on ourselves.”

Just then, a caregiver entered the ward. Her name was Audrey Barber. She had been helping Jessica take care of Pearl all this while. She could not help but sympathize with Jessica, and she

took care of Pearl wholeheartedly.

“Jess, don’t you have something to do today? Just go ahead.”

“Ms. Barber,” the two ladies greeted.

Audrey slightly nodded at Elizabeth when she saw the latter. Then, she started to get busy,

taking out the clothes she had washed at her place and putting them into the wardrobe.

Jessica combed her hair before washing her face in the washroom.

“Lizzy, are you going to work after this? Let’s head downstairs together.”


After taking their handbag and bidding farewell to Audrey, the two walked toward the

elevator hand in hand.

There were not many people in the hospital at this hour. Hence, the two were the only ones.

in the elevator.

“I don’t have to go to the office today. Where are you going? I’m going with you.”

Jessica looked at her and replied, “Didn’t you say you’re willing to give everything you have

to Hilton Group for the salary they offered? I can’t believe you’re skipping work now.”

Elizabeth did say that before. After all, her life had turned for the better, and she could afford.

to buy Jessica cosmetics with the job.

However, she was pissed when she thought of Tiana.

“Matthew’s grandpa wants him to marry Tiana, right? Well, she came to our office today, and

I got into a fight with her. Since we couldn’t stay in the same office anymore, I’m the one who

should leave.”

It sounded as if she was unnerved, as Tiana was supposed to be the one to leave. However,

Tiana was the future CEO’s wife, her future lady boss. That was why she chose to leave.

“Does Matthew want to keep you as his mistress?”

Apparently, it was Matthew’s idea to hire Elizabeth as his secretary and offer her such a high


Elizabeth’s expression immediately changed. “No! There’s no way I’m going to be his


Mistresses were what she hated the most in her life. If it were not for a mistress like Celine,

she would not have grown up without her mother by her side, and she could have had a better

life than the current one.

Jessica laughed as she squeezed Elizabeth’s waist.

“All right, all right. I know you’re reluctant. However, I can tell that Matthew likes you. You

have to believe me in this.”



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