Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 106

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 106

Chapter 106 It Is I lim

Jessica forced a smile onto her face and said, “We’re looking for Leonard Johnson.”

When Elizabeth heard the name, she looked at Jessica in surprise. Isn’t that Matthew’s

friend? The major general?

The girl turned around and called out, “Leonard! There are two ladies looking for you!”

After that, the girl at the door went back inside and Leonard came walking out. He was

wearing his pajamas and rubbing his eyes. It was very likely that he was asleep before they


Leonard scratched his head. “Who is it?” he asked as he looked up.

His gaze then landed on Elizabeth and smiled.

“Hey, Mis” Before Leonard could continue his sentence, he quickly corrected himself.

“What brings you here, Ms. Wade?”

Leonard totally ignored Jessica. That day, Jessica was wearing simple sportswear. Her face

was pale and she was not feeling very energetic at all. Therefore, when standing next to

Elizabeth, she looked dull.

When Elizabeth saw him, she was also taken aback.

“What a coincidence, Mr. Johnson. This is my friend, Jessica Frye,” she gestured at Jessica.

It was only then that Leonard noticed the woman standing next to Elizabeth. He realized that

although the woman looked tired, she was also beautiful. Jessica had big eyes and her facial

features suit her well. She looked kind of exotic.

“Hello there!” he greeted Jessica.

Leonard then pointed inside. “Come inside,” he offered.

Elizabeth and Jessica walked into the condominium and realized that Leonard’ unit was

huge. It was about four hundred square meters. Outside of the floor-to-ceiling windows was the

view of a river.

It was definitely a luxurious place to live in.

Leonard walked over to the couch and patted it. “Have a seat. What would you two like to


Jessica spoke up. “No thanks, Mr. Johnson. We are here to speak to you about my daughter.

She is diagnosed with leukemia. We found out that your blood is a perfect match with hers. We

would like to request for you to have a check-up at the hospital. We would like to start the

surgery as soon as possible,” she said in one breath.

Once he heard Jessica’s words, Leonard straightened his back. Leonard’ skin was tanned.

from being in the military. He looked strong and manly.

“I’m sorry, Ms. Frye. I’ve already submitted my response. I’m not willing to donate. my bone

marrow,” Leonard said apologetically.

To be honest, he did not register at the bone marrow bank voluntarily at all. It was only

because his ex-girlfriend was working there that he applied. He had wanted to use that as a

reason to get to know her better.

That was about five years ago. Leonard had nearly forgotten about it.

Furthermore, that girl was now his ex-girlfriend. That was all the more reason for him to

throw it to the back of his mind.

Jessica’s face paled and she visibly started to panic.

“Mr. Johnson, I beg you. My daughter is very sick right now. Her surgery can’t be delayed

anymore. It took us a very long time to find a match. Please save my daughter,” she pleaded.

Leonard was not a hard-hearted person. It was just that donating his bone marrow would be

very damaging to his body. He had researched about it before.

It was not suitable for him to donate his bone marrow, especially considering his status.

Moreover, what happened to that lady and her daughter was none of his business anyway. He

did not want any part of it.

Noticing how Leonard remained silent, Jessica knelt in front of him.

“Please, Mr. Johnson. I’ll do anything you want,” she begged as she started to cry.

She felt that she was about to lose her only hope.

Elizabeth pulled her up. “What are you doing, Jess? Get up.”

She could not help but think that Leonard’ heart was made out of steel. How could he not be

willing to save a life?

However, they could not force him to do it anyway.


Leonard furrowed his eyebrows. “There’s no use in begging me. I will never donate my bone.

marrow. It’s actually better if your daughter’s family members donate theirs, like you, or her


Leonard could not understand. Why must they ask a stranger?

The two women went silent after Leonard spoke. Pearl’s father had expressed that he did not

want to donate his bone marrow.

Leonard was a complete stranger. There was no reason for him to donate his either.

Jessica was stunned at what Leonard said. His words hit home, and it was something she was

extremely frustrated about. However, she could not find the words to say anything about it.



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