Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 107

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 107

Chapter 107 A Plea For Help

Jessica’s dejection had Elizabeth launched a final appeal to Leonard.

“Mr. Johnson, could you please help my friend? Pearl’s a beautiful and bright kid. If we don’t.

find a bone marrow donor soon, she’ll only have half a year left to live.”

As her words fell, tears welled in her eyes.

Leonard took a sip from his teacup and croaked, “This is your plight. I’m sorry, but I can’t


His rejection was firm and brutal. Getting to her feet, Jessica gave him a bow and

apologized, “Sorry for taking up your time then, Mr. Johnson.”

With that, she walked toward the door, utterly dispirited. Elizabeth got up hastily when she

noticed Jessica’s behavior.


After shooting Leonard a bitter glance, Elizabeth chased after Jessica.

“We’ll think of something, Jess.”

Once they were outside Leonard’ condominium, Jessica leaned into Elizabeth and burst into

Jessica stammered through her sobs, “I-I thought there was h-hope for Pearl. What should I

do n-now?”

Elizabeth was furious, yet she could hardly drag Leonard off to the operating theater. She felt

as helpless as Jessica.

Eventually, she muttered, “The hospital is still looking for possible bone marrow donors, Jess.

There are tons of people in this world. I’m sure there’s another match out there.”

She paused for thought before suggesting, “Why don’t you track down Pearl’s father or his

relatives? There’s a higher chance for a match if they’re blood-related.”

She replied to Elizabeth, “Okay. I’ll try to contact them.”

She had been begging so many people for help these days that a few more hardly dented her



With that, both women left The Estuary, Leonard’ condominium.

In the meantime, Leonard dialed Matthew’s number. The line only connected after a long

“What?” A man’s cold and impatient voice drifted through the receiver.

Leonard smiled and teased, “Someone’s in a bad mood without his personal secretary by his


Nicolas had told him all about Matthew browbeating Elizabeth into working at his company.

Matthew had made her his personal secretary, stationing her in his office where he could see her

day in and day out.

At the moment, Matthew was sitting in his car with Tiana, and he was suffocating from the

obscene amount of perfume the woman used.

“Out with it,” he grumbled, taking out his annoyance at the perfume on Leonard.

Years of friendship had numbed Leonard to Matthew’s moods.

“Matt, do you know who came to my house just now?”

Having no interest in knowing about Leonard’ visitors, Matthew deadpanned, “I’m busy. I’m

hanging up.”

“Hold on a minute. Elizabeth Wade came to my house.”

Hearing that, Leonard immediately held his tongue. As expected, Matthew did not make

good on his declaration to hang up, and Leonard failed to suppress his laughter.

Leonard ribbed, “Haha! Didn’t you say you were busy? Go on, then. We can talk later.”

“Pfft,” Leonard snorted before he could help himself. Elizabeth’s the only one who can make

our dear Mr. Hilton eat his words!

“Tell me,” Matthew demanded impatiently.

“She and her friend came over. They wanted me to donate my bone marrow.”

“Bone marrow?” Matthew scrunched his brows in confusion.

Leonard naturally would not agree to such a request. His present situation required him to

keep his body in tiptop condition. His job was dangerous and placed him in life-threatening

situations. Only a healthy and strong body could ensure his best chance of survival.

Leonard elaborated, “Yes. Elizabeth’s friend is called Jessica, and her daughter needs a bone

marrow transplant. Honestly, I pity the woman. I almost agreed until I remembered my job


“I see. Well, I’m hanging up,” came Matthew’s reply.

His car had pulled into the parking space in front of the Hilton residence. Matthew led Tiana.

into the main house, and Hector’s eyes rolled into his head when he saw them.

Seeing that, Chelsea shrieked in horror, “What’s wrong, Hector? Do you feel unwell?


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