Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 11

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 11

Chapter 11 Best Dancer 

Two men exuding a domineering presence were seated in the center, most expensive booth

in the underground nightclub, Night City.

However, they were not drinking alcohol, nor were they accompanied by any ladies.

Nicolas glanced at the stony faced man sitting next to him. The latter held a lit cigarette

between his fingers and puffed on the cigarette from time to time.

“Matt, I brought you here to have fun. How do you suppose we can have fun if you’re scaring

all the girls away? What do you say I bring a few more girls here?”

Nicolas immediately gave up on that idea when Matthew shot daggers at him.

“All right, fine. I’ll not invite any girls over. Are you happy now? Anyway, there will be a

highlight for tonight’s show because the best dancer of Night City is back, and she will be

performing tonight. I heard she’s a gorgeous lady with a very s**y figure.”

Lust was hinted at Nicolas’s eyes as he spoke because he was eager to watch the


Matthew flicked the cigarette ash and said indifferently, “I’m not interested.”

Nicolas poured two glasses of wine and asked, “Matt, the girl you’re searching for, what does

she look like?”

Matthew’s close friends knew that he had been looking for a girl for the past six years. They

wanted to know the appearance of the woman who had captivated Matthew’s heart.

Matthew took a sip from the glass of wine he received from Nicolas. Narrowing his eyes into.

slits, he answered, “I don’t know what she looks like.”

Nicolas choked and coughed out the wine he was drinking upon hearing Matthew’s words.

“Y-You don’t know what she looks like? How do you plan on finding her in this case?”

Matthew’s reply had caught Nicolas by surprise. In Nicolas’s mind, Matthew was the person

in charge of the most powerful family in Mistwood. He was a legend in the business world,

Chapter 11 Best Dancer

well-known for his extraordinary intelligence and cu****ing tactics.

However, Matthew’s honest answer had caused him to sound like an idiot.

Matthew gulped the content in his wine glass and let out a long sigh. The light in his eyes

dimmed slightly as he thought to himself. It is indeed challenging for me to locate that girl, but i

have faith that I will find her someday.

At that moment, the DJ on the stage announced in excitement, “Please welcome our best

dancer, Ms. Bunny!”

Following that, a woman dressed in a white satin dress appeared before everyone’s eyes..

Then she began dancing gracefully around the pole. The white dress accentuated the elegance of

the beautiful dancer.

The crowd went wild as they cheered their lungs out the next second.

Unable to tear his eyes away from the stage, Nicolas patted Matthew’s lap at that sight.

“Wow, she’s beautiful. This is my first time seeing a pole dancer dressed in such a modest

outfit during a performance. She does not appear indecent at all. Instead, I think she looks like a


Instantaneously, Matthew recognized the dancer to be Elizabeth, the woman he had met at

the hospital earlier.

His gaze turned cold as he took a deep puff of cigarette.

Nicolas leaned close to him and said, “Matt, this woman is not bad. I like her.”

Matthew replied, “You can make a move on her if you’re interested in becoming at


“What?” Nicolas turned to look at him in confusion.

“Her daughter is already four or five years old,” Matthew explained while thinking to himself.

That little girl is quite interesting. Her manner of speaking was like an adult, and she even

mentioned treating me to a meal.

Chapter 11 Best Dancer

Nicolas was stunned. “Her figure is still so alluring despite having a daughter at that age.

What a pity. Such a waste.“

Nicolas felt that his heart ached. He had a feeling if the other guys among the crowd knew of

that matter, they would share his sentiment too.

Elizabeth stepped forward on the stage and bowed to the audience after one song ended.

Following that, bidding erupted among the crowd. “Ten thousand!”

“Twenty thousand!”

“Fifty thousand!’

According to Night City’s rules, the best dancer would have to toast the highest bidder, and

the bidding amount would be considered the dancer’s tip.

That was also the best method for Elizabeth to earn the most money. She played inwardly for

the bid to go higher while listening to the shouts from the crowd.


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