Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 111

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 111

Chapter 111 The Wade Family Banquet 3

Tiana was welcomed warmly by the Ashtons. Leroy, who sat beside her, even poured her a glass of wine.


Leroy said, “You should have a glass of wine, Tia. It’s Nic’s birthday, after

The treatment surprised Tiana. Uncle Leroy usually treats me like air. I can’t believe he’s personally pouring me a glass of wine.

Her brows scrunched slightly in confusion.

Hmm, Mom’s here. I guess everyone knows where I went today. Well, they’ll be busy flattering me now that I’m the future Mrs. I lilton!

Tiana began assuming an air of arrogance. Instead of finishing the entire glass of wine, she merely took a small sip of the liquor whenever someone toasted her. Still, no one dared to call her out on her impudence.

On the other side, Elizabeth busied herself comforting, Jessica over text. She remained oblivious to the happenings at the table.

Nicolette leaned closer to Elizabeth and whispered, “What are you doing, Lizzy? Look at how pleased Tiana is with herself. I merely wanted to bankrupt her and dent her wallet. I didn’t think the situation would turn out like this. Ugh, look at how everyone’s flattering her. It’s disgusting!”

Only then did Elizabeth raise her head. Everyone was licking Tiana’s boots. Some attempted to pry information out of her about the Hilton family.

Tiana uttered, “I’m sure Matthew would love to meet you all, but he’s a

Chapter 111 The Wade Family Banquet 3

stickler for ethics, and I doubt he’ll bend the rules on my behalf.”

Her message was loud and clear; knowing Matthew as a concerned relative

was more than welcome, but business opportunities were out of the question.

Richard announced coolly, “Don’t make things difficult for Tia. She just

started seeing him, and all of you are clamoring for benefits from their

association. You’ll become the Lowens’ relatives once they’re married. What’s

the rush?”

The ghost of a smile curved his lips but he covered it up by taking a sip of his


“My daughter is an excellent girl. Naturally, she would attract a good

match,” he added.


Richard’s gaze strayed to Elizabeth then. This girl is nothing compared to

Elizabeth sensed her father’s sneering gaze but opted to ignore it. I came for

Nic and Nic alone. I can swallow my indignity today. I don’t plan on seeing

these people ever again.

Suddenly, Tiana asked, “Nic, what did Lizzy give you? She’s raising three

kids now, and doubt she can afford to give you anything lavish. You must be

more understanding.”

Celine and Tiana played tag on bringing up Elizabeth’s children. They loved

to reopen old wounds.

Nicolette rolled her eyes at Tiana and declared, “As long as it’s Elizabeth’s

gift, I’ll love it!”

“Take it out then! Show us!”

Tiana stretched her hand out, determined to humiliate her half sister.

Elizabeth’s phone rang just then. Seeing Matthew’s name on the screen, she answered the phone, too scared to reject his call.

Now that she was his personal secretary, she was practically at his beck and call. He was paying her a large salary to keep it this way.

Elizabeth answered the call, “Hello.”

“Where are you?”

Matthew’s cold voice drifted through the receiver. Elizabeth glanced at the table before whispering, “Did you need something, Mr. Hilton?”

“Where are you?” he repeated.

At that, Elizabeth frowned. Why can’t he answer me instead of stubbornly

repeating his question?

“I’m at Amaranthine.”

“Okay. I’ll come and get you. I’m craving mulled wine; make some for me tonight. Right. You’ll need to cook and clean my house after work from now


He hung up without awaiting her reply, and Elizabeth’s frown deepened.

Well, I do owe him more than one hundred thousand. I can’t avoid the

physical labor tonight. Things were merely relaxing for me because he had been


In the meantime, Nicolette had raised Elizabeth’s gift and declared, “This is

Lizzy’s present. I’m opening it when I get home. I’m not showing it to any of




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