Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 112

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 112

Chapter 112 Poor Lizzy

After her announcement, Nicolette placed Elizabeth’s present in her bag and

stuck her tongue out at Tiana.

Everyone at the table burst into laughter and started teasing Nicolette.

“Look at her. She’s still acting like a kid!”

Nicolette had planned to sing karaoke after dinner, but Francine forbade her

from doing so, citing Michael’s wrath.

Everyone walked out of the restaurant after dinner.

Nicolette hooked her arm through the crook of Elizabeth’s elbow. She was in

a great mood as she chatted to Elizabeth.

Behind them, Tiana walked with her parents. She was satisfied with how

things had turned out at dinner, pleased that she was finally the star of the Wade

family after all this time.

Tiana was already playing the role of Mrs. Hilton. Everyone here has to

worship me, or Matthew will crush them if I so much as cough in displeasure.

Celine, on the other side, asked Richard pretentiously, “Darling, Lizzy has

appeared before the Wade family members. Why don’t we welcome her home? I

shudder to think what our relatives might say if we don’t.”

She was shrewd enough to maintain her kind stepmother act.

Richard merely scoffed and spat, “She’s not an Wade anymore. What’s the use of bringing her home? She may not feel embarrassed, but I’m humiliated that she’s bringing three illegitimate children home.”

Chapter 112 Poo: Lizzy

Hearing that, Tiana smiled and mollified, “Don’t be angry, Dad. You still

have me. I’m seeing Matthew now. After we’re married, I’ll convince him to help

Wade Corporation.”

Her words brought a smile to Richard’s face.

He replied, “Thank goodness we still have a sensible daughter!”

Everyone stopped at the restaurant door. Francine asked Elizabeth, “Did you

drive, Lizzy? If not, I’ll ask our chauffeur to send you home. We can carpool with

someone else.”

After all, Elizabeth had kindly dropped by for her daughter’s birthday, and

Francine had heard from Celine that her niece was having a hard time. Elizabeth

purportedly lived in a decrepit lane in the Old District. The area reeked of

garbage. It was dirty and full of stray dogs.

Francine recalled Elizabeth’s sheltered life, which was a far cry from her

current predicament. Though Elizabeth had lost her mother at a young age,

Michael loved her dearly and spoiled his future heiress.

The patriarch had given Elizabeth the best that money could buy, and he

expected everyone else in the family to indulge her every wish.

Look at her life now. It’s a tragedy.

Tugging on Elizabeth’s hand, Nicolette urged, “Let our chauffeur send you

home, Lizzy.”

Elizabeth checked her phone and said, “It’s okay. I called an Uber. It’ll be

here soon.”

“It’s so late. An Uber can’t be safe at this time,” Tiana piped up. “I’ll send

Chapter 112 Poor Lizzy

you home!”

Just then, a Maybach Exelero cruised onto the restaurant grounds, pulling up

beside Elizabeth.

Elizabeth knew the car belonged to Matthew. She frowned involuntarily,

wondering why he picked such an eye-catching car to fetch her.

The car was one of its kind, and it was worth eighty million.

Elizabeth had some knowledge about cars, and she had searched the price.

online when she first saw the vehicle.

She rubbed her temples in exasperation, cursing her decision to claim she

had booked an Uber.

Hastily, Elizabeth announced, “My Uber’s here. Bye Nic! Bye, Aunt


The surrounding people were staring at the vehicle in awe, and now

Elizabeth was calling it her Uber ride.

Nicolette exclaimed, “Ah! I’ve never seen a Maybach Exelero in my life. It’s

so sleek!”

Richard and his brothers’ expressions had changed as well. The Exelero was the car of every man’s dreams.


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