Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 113

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 113

Chapter 113 Uber Driver

Elizabeth put on an awkward smile when she saw Nicolette walking around.

the car to examine the vehicle. The latter had even let out a cry.

“I did not expect such a luxurious car to be my Uber ride. Haha…”

Elizabeth hurriedly moved toward the side of the car and attempted to open

the back seat door. However, the door would not budge.

Noticing Elizabeth’s actions, Tiana took a few steps forward and crossed her

arm in front of her chest. She sneered, “Lizzy, I don’t think this is your Uber ride.

Are you trying to put up an act in front of everyone? You can stop pretending

now because you don’t even know how to open the car door. We will not look

down on you.”

Hearing that, everyone laughed. “Lizzy, you’ve become materialistic and

conceited after these few years.”

“That’s right. It’s fine if you don’t have a car. We can send you home.”

They were in utter disbelief because someone capable of driving that car

would never have become an Uber driver.

Elizabeth frowned upon hearing the derisive laughter.

She sent Matthew a text: Open the door, Mr. Hilton!

Matthew replied instantaneously: Sit in the passenger seat because I’m

driving the car tonight.

Elizabeth thought to herself after reading his message. He’s truly living up to

his reputation as the boss because of how reluctant he is to become another

Chapter 113 Uber Driver

person’s driver.

Nicolette jogged up to Elizabeth and asked, “Lizzy, are you sure this is your Uber driver instead of your boyfriend?”

She did not believe that someone would register to become an Uber driver

with such a luxurious car. After all, that would be an absolute depreciation of the

car’s value.

Elizabeth forced a smile. “Yes, this is my Uber ride. I’ll be leaving now.


With that, she opened the door to the passenger seat after waving goodbye

to Nicolette. Then she got into the car.

Nicolette was curious about the driver’s identity, so she seized the

opportunity to peek inside the car when Elizabeth opened the car door.

Hopping on her spot, she exclaimed joyfully, “I saw a man wearing a suit.

He looks very handsome from the side!”

Francine walked over, hardly able to contain her curiosity. “Did you see who

that person is?”

Celine had been silent all along, but she was at the limit of her patience.

“What’s so good about being handsome? That is not practical at all. Look at Tia’s boyfriend. He’s not only handsome but also wealthy. Nic, you should learn from Tia instead of swooning over guys all the time like Lizzy. She must have

fallen for some handsome man’s trick, which led to that indecent incident.”

Celine held her daughter’s hand after saying that.

Chapter 113 Uber Driver

Then she added, “Tia, let’s go back. It’s so cold standing out here. What’s so

interesting about that boring car?”

Celine knew nothing about motor vehicles, so she could not fathom others’


In contrast to her ignorance, those who were slightly informed about cars

grasped the implication at once. They knew the driver must be a significant.

person. However, Tiana could not think of anyone more affluent than Matthew.

In the meantime, Richard was no longer in his cheerful mood because he assumed Elizabeth was in a relationship with a very rich man. He even

suspected that man to be elderly.

His anger intensified the more he thought about that matter.

He planned to have a heartfelt talk with Elizabeth to persuade her from

always committing such shameful acts.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth turned to look at that handsome “Uber driver” and

sighed to herself. Luckily, he didn’t hear any of that. Otherwise, he’ll be coming up with more ways to torment me if he knows I referred to him as my Uber


Keeping his eyes on the road, Matthew uttered, “You seem closely

acquainted with members of the Wade family.”

He did not know many people from the Wade family, but he had met with Richard and knew that the latter was the chairman of Wade Corporation.

Elizabeth sank back into her seat and stared ahead. The scenic night view of Fairlake, adorned by colorful city lights, was mesmerizing.

“Ms. Nicolette invited me to her birthday party.”

She did not feel like elaborating, since Matthew did not know she was a

member of the Wade family, anyway. He merely thought of her as the daughter

of a housekeeper serving the Ashtons.

Noticing Elizabeth was upset, the man explained, “My grandpa was in a foul

mood today, so I asked Tiana to coax him. Elizabeth, I want you to know that

nothing is going on between Tiana and me. You should not believe what you

hear about us from the public.”



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