Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 114

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 114

Chapter 114 SingleGuyOne

According to the agreement, Matthew and Tiana were not allowed to reveal

their fake marriage to anyone else, so they had to abide by the regulation.

Therefore, Matthew was not able to explain his circumstances to Elizabeth

directly. He could only hope that she would have faith in him.

Elizabeth glanced at him. “Your grandpa is very fond of Tiana, am I right?”

She had heard him mention it was his grandfather’s wish for him to marry


Matthew hummed in reply. He could not fathom his grandfather’s insistence

as well because their families had seldom interacted.

The only possibility he could think of was that his grandfather was close with

a member of the older generation from the Wade family.

The two of them stayed quiet for the rest of the journey back to Jupiter


Upon arriving home, Elizabeth went into the kitchen to prepare some

mulled wine while Matthew went upstairs to take a bath. A while later, he

returned downstairs after changing into his sleeping robe.

He sat on the couch and switched on the television, but he was not paying

attention to the show.

Instead, Matthew constantly stole glances in the kitchen’s direction. After

some time, he stood up and headed into the kitchen.

Elizabeth was making mulled wine on the counter. The drink was beneficial

Chapter 114 SingleGuyOne

for general health.

She did not know how to cook in the past, but she had been learning a few

recipes from Cody lately.

After all, Elizabeth was grateful to Matthew for offering her such a wonderful

job. She could now afford to raise her children without working four to five jobs.


She was no longer rushing here and there every day. Now she even had the

time to attend a birthday party, other than that, she could also indulge in the

spectacular night scenery on her way back.

It had been so many years since she had the time to take in the scenery.

Elizabeth had been so busy surviving that she did not have the time to even take

a break and appreciate the vast, beautiful sky.

Matthew inched closer to her and hugged her around the waist from behind.

Then he rested his head on her shoulder.

Startled, the woman subconsciously wanted to flee, but he held her tight.

“Teach me how to make this.”

Matthew’s demand was merely a pretense for him to stay close to Elizabeth.

He felt contented holding her in his arms while she prepared the mulled wine for


“Let go of me, Mr. Hilton. I cannot stir the drink properly with you like this.”

In fact, the preparation of the mulled wine did not require any stirring. She

was merely looking for a reason for him to stop touching her.

Chapter 114 SingleGuyOne

Matthew chuckled upon hearing her trembling voice. Letting go of her, he

asked, “Are you afraid of me?”

He stood next to her and gazed into her eyes, waiting for her response.

Elizabeth turned the stove to a lower temperature before shaking her head.

“That’s not it. You may not know this, Mr. Hilton, but I despise mistresses, so

I don’t wish for myself to turn into the kind of person I hate the most. Therefore, I

hope you don’t make things difficult for me.”

Although she would be able to let Tiana have a taste of the agony her

mother had experienced in the past if she won over Matthew’s favor, Elizabeth

knew she did not have what it took to achieve that.

After all, she was a human, unlike Tiana and Celine, whose personalities

resembled heartless creatures.

Matthew understood Elizabeth’s feelings. His fake relationship with Tiana

bothered her because she would not be able to declare their love to the public

without being identified as a mistress.

“Are you done?” he suddenly questioned her coldly.

Elizabeth realized she liked Matthew better when he was indifferent.

“It’s almost ready. Where do you wish to have your mulled wine, Mr.


He pointed at the living room and stated assertively, “You’re accompanying

me to drink this in the living room.”

Initially, Elizabeth had planned to leave right after she was done cooking the

Chapter 11 SingleGuyone

mulled wine. She had checked Matthew’s room and saw that the place was

clean and neat, so she did not have to tidy up the place.

Matthew returned to the living room wearing a poker face. Picking up his phone, he sent a message to the WhatsApp group named “Three Single Guys.”

SingleGuyOne: Let’s hang out. Teach me how to win over a woman’s heart.

SingleGuy Two: Oh my. I can’t believe this group is finally active again after

being quiet for so long.

Nicolas nudged Leonard sitting next to him after sending that message to

the group. “Matt is looking for us. Check your WhatsApp.”

SingleGuy Three: I’m an expert in that field. Come on, I’ll be your teacher.

Leonard was not bluffing. He had indeed been in numerous relationships

with different women. Although he was a military man, he always found ways to

pick up girls. Some of them even visited him at the military base.



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