Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 116

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 116

Chapter 116 Annoying Group Name

With that thought in mind, Matthew entered his bedroom to change his clothes. He checked his phone afterward and read the new messages in the

WhatsApp group.

SingleGuy Two: Matt, I beg you not to bring her here. I’m afraid that I’ll lose my life because of her.

Nicolas was convinced that meeting with Elizabeth would bring bad luck to

him. He was sure that the woman was a jinx.

SingleGuy Three: No problem. I’ll be sure to get her drunk with my superb

alcohol tolerance.

Matthew was annoyed by the name of that WhatsApp group the more he

looked at it, so he sent a text.

SingleGuyOne: Who came up with this group name? Change it at once. I

don’t know about you guys, but I am certainly not single.

Soon, Nicolas edited the group name to “The Woods.”

BigWoodOne: What kind of group name is this?

BigWood Two: I think this group name is brilliant. I’m warning you guys, do not change the group name!

BigWood Three: I don’t think I’m inferior to any of you, so why am I always ranked in third place?

Matthew sent a reply while walking downstairs.

Chapter 116 Aoying Dog Name

BigWoodOne: Your inferiority is a known fact.

BigWood Two: Should we decide on our ranking tonight?

BigWood Three: Bring it on! Do you think I’m afraid of you?

At this moment, Elizabeth had done washing the bowls. She was cautious

not to break anything else this time after learning how expensive Matthew’s

belongings were.

She was applying some hand cream when Matthew came into her vision.

He was wearing a dark blue coat decorated with an embroidered badge, making

his outfit slightly similar to a police officer’s uniform.

Oh, my. He’s so handsome!

Most girls found such uniform to be irresistible on men, and she was not an


Nonetheless, she kept her cool to prevent Matthew from noticing her


Walking up to her, Matthew caught the faint refreshing fragrance of roses

from the hand cream she was applying.

Elizabeth hurriedly tucked her hands and forced a smile.

“Mr. Hilton, which car are we driving today?”

She did not dare to drive the car parked in the courtyard because of how

expensive it was. She had a suspicion that she might never be able to repay

Matthew if she caused even a scratch on the vehicle.

Hence, Elizabeth had already decided to choose a relatively cheaper car to

Chapter 116 Annoying Group Name

drive. Still, she sought his opinion out of courtesy, thinking he would tell her to

pick whichever vehicle she wanted.

To her surprise, Matthew smiled mischievously with his brows raised. “The

car parked in front of the door is fine. We can save the trouble of going to the


With that said, he strode off toward the door, leaving her to stare at his figure.

When she processed his words, Elizabeth was taken aback. That’s not the reaction I was expecting. Why is he so unpredictable?

Jogging forward, she caught up with him. “Mr. Hilton, let’s drive a different

car. This car is too flashy. What if someone decides to rob us?”

“That’s fine. I’m a pretty skilled fighter. The robber is no match for me.”

Upon hearing that, Elizabeth rolled her eyes. Aren’t you being full of yourself, Matthew Hilton? Do you really think you’re the best at everything? What an arrogant man!

Tossing the car keys to Elizabeth, Matthew got into the car without waiting

for her.

The woman gazed at the car keys in her hand in exasperation. Dang it. Can

I tell him I can’t drive instead?

In the end, after contemplating for a long while, she was left with no other choice but to get into the car and began driving with extra precaution.

When the car hit the road, she constantly checked the rearview mirror,

fearful that she might accidentally damage the vehicle.

Matthew regarded her with a cold gaze. “Are you riding a bicycle,

Elizabeth?” he asked after seeing the scooter speed by them.

Even bicycles are faster than us at this point.

Elizabeth replied calmly, “Mr. Hilton, your safety is my priority. I’ll make sure

you reach your destination safely.”

Matthew was at a loss for words. He lowered the car window angrily and lit

a cigarette. With his brows furrowed, he took a long drag.

“You don’t have to reimburse me for any damage, Elizabeth. Can you drive. faster now?” he said helplessly.

What in the world is going on in her head?



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