Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 117

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 117

Chapter 117 Meeting

Matthew could not blame Elizabeth because he had been tricking and

setting her up. To exemplify, he had asked for more than one hundred thousand

in return for taking care of her in the morning.

Hearing his response, Elizabeth narrowed her eyes and smiled.

“All right! It’s good that you don’t need me to compensate you.”

Suddenly, the car sped off at an incredible speed of one hundred eighty

miles per hour.

This was what she had been waiting for. Haha! Finally, I can try out this car!

It’s so amazing!

Shocked, Matthew threw the cigar out the window. The cigar would have

burned his face if he had not reacted quickly.

Holding his forehead in exasperation, he turned his head to look at her.

This woman’s attitude changes so fast.

The other drivers avoided Elizabeth as she drove the eye-catching vehicle at

a high speed along the road.

With that big a car and that high a speed, it could get anyone killed.

The journey to Night City usually took an hour. However, Elizabeth used

only twenty minutes that day to reach the entrance.

Matthew’s face turned ashen because of a certain woman’s driving skills. He

even experienced motion sickness and had a strong urge to vomit.

Chapter 117 Meeting

Feigning chivalry and grandeur, he remained nonchalant, as he did not

want to embarrass himself by puking in front of her.

Turning off the engine, Elizabeth patted the sterling wheel and scanned

around the car. This is such a fun experience!

“We’ve arrived, Mr. Hilton. I feel great driving this car! Look! My driving

skills aren’t that bad, after all. We’re safe!”

Beaming with happiness, she grinned from ear to ear, revealing the dimples

on her cheeks.

Matthew’s expression hardened, and he remained silent.

Pushing the car door open, he strode toward Night City. Seeing this,

Elizabeth quickly got down from the car and followed him.

The next instant, she handed the car key to a valet. The latter’s eyes lit up

with surprise, but it quickly disappeared as worry shrouded him.

“M-Miss, I…”

The valet wanted to ask her to park the car by herself, as he was afraid that

he would scratch her car.

Ignoring him, Elizabeth could not care less about it since it was not her car.

If anything happened to the car, it was not her money that was going to be


Mr. Hilton is wealthy. Money is no problem for him, but I’m a different case.

With that thought in mind, she followed behind him to the elevator and

went to the twelfth floor.

Chapter 117 Meeting.

Elizabeth used to work in Night City. Hence, she was familiar with the layout

of the place, and she knew different areas catered to various quality of


The underground nightclub was the messiest of all. One could easily access

this place even without a member card.

The twelfth floor they were on now was a reserved area for the VIPs. One

needed a member card to enter this floor. Even if one were wealthy, they would

not be granted access if they did not have a card.

In other words, the ones who could enter this floor were no ordinary men.

They all had solid and influential backgrounds. Besides, only five thousand cards.

were given out by invitation per year. One would have to wait for their turn next

year if they could not get a place this year.

The workers who worked on this floor were the most beautiful and youngest

among the other employees. Their average age was around twenty-four.

Therefore, the twelfth floor was the most profit-earning floor among the rest.

As the elevator doors opened, they saw golden beams illuminating the

magnificent hall. Everything in it sparkled like the stars under the reflection of

the light.

Elizabeth had never come to this floor, and she was immediately astounded

by the sight before her.

The people who came all lived a luxurious and dissipated life.

When they exited the elevator, a beautiful woman in a red gown walked

toward Matthew and said, “Hi, Mr. Hilton. I’ll prepare a room for you. May I ask

how many of you are coming in?”


Matthew replied faintly, “Nicolas is in room 1208 already.”

“All right, Mr. Hilton. This way, please.”

Nicolas was a frequent guest here, and the workers were familiar with him. Although Matthew came here less often than Nicolas, the others still recognized



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