Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 118

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 118

Chapter 118 Hold Back

Following Matthew, Elizabeth noticed that the woman leading the way had

a slim waist. The gown she was wearing accentuated her perfect body figure.

Her long, slender legs, especially, made her look extra attractive. As the

rumors said, those who work on the twelfth floor are beautiful.

Seeing that Elizabeth was far behind him, Matthew stopped and reached out

his hand to take her hand in his..

“What are you thinking about?”

Elizabeth regained her senses once she heard his voice.

Then, she replied softly, “People have told me that the women on the twelfth

floor are bombshells. I’ve finally seen it for myself!”

Matthew furrowed his brows upon hearing her response. Why doesn’t she realize that her body figure is better than every worker here?

The ushers helped to open the door once Matthew and Elizabeth arrived at

the room.

Holding Elizabeth’s hand in his, Matthew strode into the room. It was an extremely spacious area that could accommodate events such as karaoke and

disco dancing. Besides, there were a few small private rooms. One of them was the games room.

Sitting on the longest couch, Nicolas was surrounded by women. They were chatting happily.

Elizabeth could not care less about it because Nicolas was a seasoned


Chapter 118 Hold Back

womanizer in Mistwood. The man loved enjoying life and had been changing


Scanning the room, she spotted Leonard sitting at one side, singing. The

lady who was at his house earlier today was there, too.

The moment Leonard saw Elizabeth and Matthew, he stared at them and

said over the microphone, “Hi, Mr. Hilton and Ms. Wade.”

Many people were in the room, and most of them were Nicolas’s friends. In

other words, they were members of the upper crust.

Elizabeth smiled. She only had an objective tonight-get Leonard to agree

to donate bone marrow to Pearl, no matter how.

The crowd noticed Matthew and stood up subconsciously. They wanted to

allow him to choose the woman he liked.

Elizabeth retracted her hand from Matthew’s and trotted toward Leonard

before sitting beside him.

“Hi, Mr. Johnson! Are you singing now? Do you want me to accompany


Realizing that Elizabeth was asking for it, Leonard smiled devilishly and

raised his brows at Matthew. Leonard gestured for Matthew to rest assured that

he could accomplish the task Matthew had assigned.

“Charlotte, you should go home now. It’s late, and you have classes


The girl, who was still singing, pouted before responding, “Luke, Mom asks

me to watch over you in case you’re screwing around outside. If Grandpa

Chapter 118 Hold Back

receives word of this, you’re doomed!”

Charlotte Johnson, Leonard’ younger sister, refused to leave.

Despite that, Leonard summoned people in. Soon, two men in black, who appeared to be the Johnson family’s bodyguards, came in.

“Send Ms. Johnson home,” Leonard instructed.

One of the bodyguards turned to Charlotte and stated, “This way, Ms. Johnson.”

Displeased, Charlotte yelled, “Luke!”

Leonard pushed and urged her, “Leave now. I can’t enjoy my time if you’re


He could not flirt with the other females if Charlotte stayed beside him. Hence, he had not had the chance to talk to other women these few days, even though he went out frequently.

Charlotte eyed Elizabeth and recalled that she had seen the latter before.

Don’t tell me Luke likes her?

Lingering her gaze on Elizabeth a little longer, Charlotte took her leave.

Matthew sat on a couch not far away from them. He only had a black shirt covering his body after taking off his coat. Placing his arm casually on the armrest, he held a cigar between his fingers and took several puffs.

Some people came and gave him a toast, but he remained icy. Taking a sip

of the wine, he stared at Elizabeth with raised eyebrows.

Later, Nicolas went beside him and took a seat. Looking at Matthew’s

indolent expression, the former asked, “Do you want her, Matt?”


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