Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 12

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 12

Chapter 12 Stubborn Woman 

The host announced, “The highest bid is fifty thousand! Congratulations to this mister for


the opportunity to share a drink with Ms. Bunny for fifty thousand!”

All the guys cheered as Elizabeth walked down the stage. Although she had covered her

body wearing the white satin dress, it was the mystery and sense of the unknown that piqued

those men’s interests.

She would only dance to one song and drink a glass of wine a night whenever she worked

there. Moreover, she requested to pick her outfit because she did not want to wear any revealing


Initially, Night City’s manager did not agree to her request, but the manager had to concede

because of the impact she brought to the nightclub. Elizabeth became the best dancer and

attracted more customers to the place after working there during her one-week tryout period.

The manager was willing to comply with her requests as long as she worked there.

The winner of the bid was a stout and burly man. He wore a golden chain around his neck

and was gazing lecherously at Elizabeth.

Elizabeth walked up to him with a glass of wine of her own and smiled graciously at that


That fat man’s eyes shone at once. He could feel his heart quivering as he gawked at her.

“Mister, I hope that you will enjoy tonight to your heart’s content.”

Just when she was about to take a swig of the wine; that fat man grasped her arm.

“Ms, Bunny, I did not pay so much cash to spend such a short time with you. You cannot

leave straightaway after drinking this glass of wine. Come over here and accompany me for a while longer. I’ll pay you more money.”


Elizabeth tried to yank her hand free, but to no avail because of his great strength.

It was actually quite common for her to encounter troublesome customers such as this fat

Chapter 12 Stubborn Woman

man. However, Elizabeth could take care of that issue because she had plenty of experience

handling these situations.

“Mister, excuse me, but I can only accompany you for one drink. I can help you call

someone over if you need people to keep you company.

That man’s face turned grim after he listened to Elizabeth. He scolded loudly, “You should

know your place! I want you to spend time with me tonight. Do you think you can say no?”

He dragged her into his arms after saying that. Not expecting his reaction, Elizabeth splashed

him with the wine in her hand in panic.

That man let go of her and wiped the drinks off his face. Then he growled, “You b*tch! How

dare you pour that wine at me?”

The next second, he swung a punch at her. Elizabeth closed her eyes, accepting her fate that

she was about to get hit that night.

However, she did not feel the pain she was expecting Instead, she heard that man grunting.

When Elizabeth opened her eyes, she saw a tall man standing before her. He turned around

to face her afterward, grabbed her hand, and dragged her outside,


Nicolas piped up, “Matt, are you playing a hero now?”

I can’t believe him. Didn’t he say that she’s an old lady with a child? So what is he doing

Elizabeth allowed Matthew to bring her out of Night City. She did not put up any resistance

because he had just rescued her. Despite the intense hatred she harbored toward Tiana, Elizabeth

knew she should not be ungrateful toward her savior.

She shivered as the chilly wind outside blew against her skin.

Matthew took off his coat and wrapped the outerwear around her. He caught a whiff of her

faint and fragrant body scent when he leaned close to her. Matthew lowered his gaze to look at

hey in slight astonishment.


The smell had invoked a nostalgic feeling within him even though he had not met with

Elizabeth before the incident in the hospital the other day. He had a sudden inexplicable urge to

stay close to her when he rested his hands on her shoulder.

Elizabeth pulled the coat close to herself and said, “Thank you.”

Matthew was pulled back to reality when her words rang beside his ear. He let go of her and strode toward his car. Then he gallantly opened the car door for her.

Elizabeth glanced at Night City because her phone and bag were still in there.

Matthew uttered coldly, “Are you still thinking about going back there so that they could-

bully you further?”

Disdain was hinted in his hoa rse voice, causing Elizabeth to feel indignant. She narrowed

her eyes and thought to herself.

How can I forget that he is Tiana’s fiancé? He’s never a good person, to begin with. He saved

me, yet he looked down on me.

Therefore, she tossed the coat back at Matthew. “Mr. Hilton, I don’t think me getting bullied

is any of your concern.”



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