Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 120

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 120

Chapter 120 Drunk

Leonard finally understood. No wonder she has agreed to sing and drink

with me. It was all for that child.


Although Pearl was an adorable kid, it was still none of his business.

He could not risk his future just for someone who was a total stranger to

Leonard looked over at Matthew, who was not sitting too far away. He

remembered the latter wanted to get Elizabeth drunk.

Therefore, Leonard lifted an eyebrow and looked at the woman next to him.

“Finish this bottle and I’ll think about it,” he uttered as he pushed over a bottle of strong liquor to her.

He observed her and wondered if she had the guts to do it.

Elizabeth looked at the bottle of liquor. Although she was not new to

alcohol, the most she had drunk was three cups of white wine. She was also able

to drink a pint of beer without getting tipsy. However, Elizabeth had never

touched hard liquor before. Could I actually do it?

After thinking about it, she suddenly smacked her hand on the table.

“All right, I’ll drink it. Don’t forget your promise, Mr. Johnson.”

It’s just getting drunk, anyway. Pearl’s worth doing it. Moreover, I’m familiar

with the people around me. Even Matthew’s here.

Elizabeth shook the thoughts out of her head and grabbed the bottle before

downing it.

Chapter 120 Drunk

Matthew, who was observing her, uncrossed his initially crossed legs, while

Nicolas looked at her in shock.

“Damn, Lizzy is incredible! Drinking from the bottle just like that?” Nicolas

whistled in admiration.

However, Matthew got up and hurriedly went to Elizabeth, snatching the

bottle away.

“Who allowed you to drink, Elizabeth?” he questioned.

Having the bottle taken out of her hands, she glared at Matthew. The bottle’s

only half empty. Pearl’s life is depending on Leonard! Bearing that thought in

mind, she stood up and snatched it back. “Leave me alone, Matthew.”

She then looked over at Leonard. “I’ll finish this, Mr. Johnson,” she


Elizabeth took a few steps back to distance herself from Matthew. Then she

continued to drink the liquor.

Matthew’s expression hardened as he a look at Leonard, who was sitting at

the side. In response, Leonard raised his arms in mock surrender and mouthed,

“Isn’t this what you wanted?”

Matthew did want Elizabeth to get drunk, but he did not want her to drink so

much. She would definitely feel terrible the next day.

A while later, Nicolas walked over to Elizabeth and took a look at the

now-empty bottle.

“Wow, Lizzy! You’re pretty good at this!” he exclaimed.

Chapter 120 Drunk

After Elizabeth finished drinking the liquor, she started to get dizzy. When

she heard a voice next to her, she spun around. The bottle that she was holding

in her hands smacked Nicolas’s right cheek.

Nicolas yelped at the sudden pain.

Elizabeth had utterly lost control of herself.

“Who is it? Who are you?”

As she spoke, she continued holding that same bottle and waved them left

and right.

Because of that, Nicolas’s face kept getting smacked by the liquor bottle,

causing him to stagger backward.

“I knew it. I can never meet with you, Lizzy. Why am I always the one

getting hurt when we do?” he grumbled as he gingerly touched his slightly

swollen cheeks.

Not far away from the peculiar duo, Leonard and Matthew started bursting

out in laughter. It was such an amusing sight.

Nicolas had been smacked left and right. Both Nicolas and Elizabeth really

should not be left in the same room.

Matthew soon walked over and took the bottle out of Elizabeth’s hands

before pulling her into his arms.

“Do you know who I am, Elizabeth?” He looked down at her.

Feeling her hands empty now, Elizabeth looked around in a daze. She felt as

though the world was spinning, causing her to feel uncomfortable.

Chapter TZU UDrunk

When she heard his low voice, she tried to widen her eyes to see clearer.

“Are you a goddess? You have such a lovely voice!” she remarked.

Hearing that, Leonard and Nicolas instantly started laughing.

“Since when did you switch genders, Matt? You’ve become a goddess!”

They continued to guffaw.

Matthew furrowed his eyebrows. He had never expected Elizabeth to

become such a dummy after drinking so much.

Carrying her, he muttered sternly, “Keep quiet. Let’s go home.”

Elizabeth pouted at his fierce tone.

“You’re a goddess, and I love goddesses! Please be my girlfriend!”



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