Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 121

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 121

Getting Him Mad

Chapter 121 Getting Him Mad

Matthew seemed to have learned of a huge secret. This woman seems to be quite interested in women?

His face was so grim that Leonard almost died of laughter Nicolas also could not resist laughing even though his face was already swollen from Elizabeth’s accidental attacks

Nicolas then pretended to snuggle into Leonard’ embrace and teased, “Did you hear that, Luke? Lizzy has no feelings for

Matt She’s interested in women!”


Matthew’s expression grew darker at the teases and voices of laughter behind him.

As he looked at the drunk, groggy woman in his arms, Matthew hugged Elizabeth even tighter.

“I’m a man, Elizabeth.”

She could hear a voice spewing words to her in a cold and hard tone.

After some time, Elizabeth shoved him away.

“I detest men the most! I want pretty goddesses, especially those in sweet and cute outfits! I love nice and obedient cute

girls the most!”

When she thought of the sc*mbag who had hurt her and forced her to sleep with him against her will, she was motivated

to stand

up for herself.

That man had shaped her into who she was today, but she had no idea who he was. Everyone laughed and teased her.

saying that she was just an idiot.

I’m so done being with men! I want to be with a woman-a pretty and young one, to be exact!

With that. Elizabeth struggled hard to wriggle her way out of Matthew’s arms. Her strength was extremely overwhelming

at that moment.

She had even grabbed Matthew and bit on his neck that it bled slightly

Yelping in pain, he put her down. Standing on the floor, the woman felt her head spin.

Then she sta ggered ahead and shouted, “Go away! I don’t need any man now. I’m going to find myself a pretty goddess!”

Rubbing his temples, Matthew watched Elizabeth bumping into people as she walked ahead. So this girl would turn into beast when she’s drunk! If I had known she would become like this, I wouldn’t have brought her here.

Furious, he frowned at her violent antics Just then, Elizabeth was seen grabbing a worker and asking him, “I’m looking

you know for pretty, young ladies. I have money. Could you get one for me? I’m really rich,


Chapter 121 Getting Him Mad

Even when the worker heard she had asked for female companions, he was unbothered, since the establishment catered to

all walks of life and preferences.

“You’re requesting for females, yes? I’ll get one for you. Which room are you in? They’ll be there soon.”

Elizabeth pondered for a while before stuttering, “I-L.. don’t know”

The worker’s expression changed subtly. This guest has had too much to drink!

“Why don’t I send you to your room and have her come directly to your room, then?”

Elizabeth giggled and replied, “That’s great! I was just thinking of going to sleep.

As the worker helped her to the elevator, Matthew hurried over and pulled Elizabeth to his side, casting a glance at the


Since all the workers knew who Matthew was, the worker nodded at him. “Mr. Hilton.”

Matthew waved his hand, signaling for the worker to leave immediately.

This woman is simply unbelievable! There’s a handsome guy standing in front of her, yet she wants a female? What the

heck! She’s just asking for…

The worker was too embarrassed to think about the last sentence

Holding her waist, Matthew guided her toward the elevator.

“You want females, yeah? Behave, and I’ll find one for you,” the man coaxed her gently, hoping to get her to follow him

back to his house

At that moment, Elizabeth sensed that the man’s embrace was all too familiar to her, and she felt herself getting tired.

“Sure. Take me there. I’ll have you know that I’m loaded.”

Matthew frowned. I’m not paying her this much just to be a sugar mommy to a young woman! Should I look for an excuse

to start cutting her wages? If not, she would start acting like a boss outside and pay for other women’s companionship.


After they got in the elevator, Elizabeth’s eyes snapped open as he looked at him in a daze.

“Let me tell you, pretty lady. Matthew Hilton is a friend of mine. If you decide to stay with me, you’ll have his support,


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