Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 123

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 123

Chapter 123 Alcohol Allergy

Chapter 123 Alcohol Allergy

Elizabeth had already fallen asleep and was not pleased to be disturbed. She raised her hand and hit Matthew a few times.

Then she turned sideways, and her breathing became even.

Furrowing his brows, the man uttered, “Elizabeth, wake up…”

He lowered his head and looked at himself.

I’m already in this state, and she’s asleep? Is she trying to prank me? Matthew’s face darkened at the thought

Suddenly, he glanced at her chest and smiled wickedly.

“Elizabeth, you asked for it.”

The next day, Elizabeth woke up to find herself in a foreign bed. Startled, she sat up and let out a scream.


I shouldn’t have drunk last night. What happened?

She raised her hand and patted herself on the head, but she could remember nothing. The room looked very familiar to

her, though. As she seemed to remember, her eyes lit up.

“This is Matthew’s room.”

Elizabeth hurriedly pulled up the covers and peered inside. She found herself in her pajamas, and her body did not seem

any marks

to have

Therefore, she heaved a sigh of relief. I must have been drunk last night, so Matthew brought me back here. Wait, did he

change these pajamas for me? Did he see my body?

Her face flushed at the thought. “What a p**vert,” she cursed.

Elizabeth got up from the bed and looked for her clothes. When she found her clothes were neatly folded right next to the

bed, she smiled.


It seems that Mr. Hilton likes to keep things organized.

Elizabeth changed into her own clothes and felt a slight discomfort in her chest. When she looked at her chest, it was all

Am I allergic to alcohol? I usually had no symptoms of alcohol allergy, though.

Though puzzled, she felt the pain bearable, so she brushed it off. Then she went to the bathroom to wash up. When she

went downstairs, she saw Matthew sitting in the dining room eating breakfast.


She greeted him a little awkwardly, “Good morning. Mr. Hilton!”

Chapter 123 Alcohol Allergy

Since she had occupied his bed, she felt a bit embarrassed.

Upon seeing her, Matthew thought of what had happened last night. He had not released himself for a long time, so he

was refreshed today.

“Good morning”” he replied in a light-hearted tone.

Elizabeth sat down next to him and looked at her breakfast.

“Mr. Hilton, is that my breakfast?”

I’m starving, but why though? It’s not like I did anything last night.

“Drink the hangover remedy first,” the man stated.

Right then, the housekeeper came out of the kitchen and greeted Elizabeth with a smile,” “Ms. Wade, good morning!”

Elizabeth nodded slightly. I see. His mansion has a housekeeper. She probably comes here in the morning to prepare

breakfast and do a little cleaning. She might not come here at night.

As Elizabeth watched the housekeeper do her thing, she suddenly asked, “Mr. Hilton, do you know what the symptoms of

alcohol allergy are?”

After getting dressed, she felt a tingling pain in her chest and felt a little uncomfortable.

Matthew sipped his coffee, and his expression darkened.

“You’re allergic to alcohol?”

Elizabeth shook her head. “I was not allergic to alcohol before. Maybe it was because I drank a bottle of hard liquor last

night. I rarely drink that type of alcohol. My chest is red and hurts a little, so I think I should be allergic to alcohol

At the sight of her confused face, the man almost spat out the coffee he had just drunk. She really doesn’t know what

happened last night, does she?

With a smirk, he responded, “That sounds like the symptoms of an allergy. I’ll ask Esme to buy some ointment. Apply

some when you’re in the company, and you should be fine.”




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