Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 124

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 124

Chapter 125 The Wife Of The CEO


Chapter 125 The Wife Of The CEO

Elizabeth suddenly thought of what happened last night. She could not let her effort go down the drain.

She had finished the bottle of wine, leading her to suffer from an alcohol allergy Elizabeth felt discomfort on her skin and

If Leonard went back on his words, it was too much of a loss for her

Elizabeth could see that both Nicolas and Leonard were afraid of Matthew Hence, she wanted Matthew to be her support

so that Leonard would not break his promise.

Hearing her words, Matthew chuckled coldly. “Can’t you see he was only messing with you?”

“Huh?” Elizabeth was a simpleton. She did not realize that Leonard had tricked her.

Matthew knew Elizabeth would believe Leonard. He explained to her, “Did he say that he’ll think about it after you finish

the bottle of wine?”

“Yes! That’s exactly what he said.” Elizabeth nodded profusely.

Seeing the look on her face, Matthew reached out his hand and patted her head. “My dear, even though he said that he’d

consider it, in the end, he won’t agree.”

His words took Elizabeth by surprise. I can’t believe he did that! Ugh. They’re indeed the same kind of people and like to

deceive others. How annoying!

Elizabeth was infuriated after hearing what Matthew said. “Am I supposed to let him go just like that? After I’ve drunk so

much wine?”

Seeing that she was fuming with rage, the man kindly reminded her, “Elizabeth, Leonard is a major-general. His

particular profession requires him to be in the best physical state. That’s why he can’t donate his bone marrow”

Elizabeth sank into deep thought, trying to process everything Matthew had said.

Deep inside, she understood the situation. However, Pearl was just a young little girl.

Elizabeth wanted to do something to keep Pearl alive.

She looked glum and did not know what to do

Soon, the two arrived at the company After getting down from the car, Elizabeth deliberately sauntered behind Matthew

Seeing that she was still a distance away after he entered the elevator, Matthew yelled, “Walk faster, Elizabeth!”

The receptionists and security guards heard Matthew shouting, and Elizabeth gave him a look. She wanted to keep her. distance from Matthew as she refused to let her colleagues think she got into the company with his help.


Chapter 125 The Wife Of The CEO

She landed the job with her capabilities, and she did not want to hear any rumors.

However, it seemed like Matthew did not figure out what Elizabeth was thinking as he shouted at her to get into the

elevator. Very soon, the whole company would hear about them.

Lowering her head, she ran into the elevator.

Matthew pressed the “close door” button and turned to look at Elizabeth beside him.

“Why are you looking at me, Mr. Hilton? Is there dirt on my face?” She forced out a smile when she could not stand his

staring anymore.

Suddenly, Elizabeth saw the bite mark on Matthew’s neck. It was a noticeable bruise.

Her eyes widened in disbelief, and she quickly looked away. It wasn’t me who bit him, right?

Elizabeth tried to recall if she had bitten him but to no avail. It shouldn’t be me. It can’t be me. I don’t simply bite people

when I’m drunk

Matthew noticed she had seen the bruise on his neck. Raising his brows, he chuckled. “Are you unwilling to be seen at

work with me?”

There was a hint of faint laughter in his icy voice. Elizabeth could sense both warmth and cold from Matthew.

“Mr. Hilton, did you not hear the rumors speculating in the office? They’re saying that I’m the CEO’s future wife, so to

avoid any more misunderstandings, I think it’s better if we keep our distance,” Elizabeth answered after returning to her


Matthew raised his hands and touched his neck. “Well…”

Her eyes widened, and she quickly averted her gaze as he did that. Please don’t talk about the bite mark.

Matthew’s smile broadened as he cheekily teased, “Don’t you want to be the CEO’s wife, Elizabeth? If you become the

CEO’s wife, Hilton Group will be backing you. And with me, you’d be a wealthy woman.”




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