Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 126

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 126

Chapter 126 Matthew Seems Different Today

Chapter 126 Matthew Seems Different Today

Elizabeth had indeed thought about it. She knew she was able to take her revenge by riding on his coattails.

She wanted Celine and Tiana to have a taste of their own medicine and make them lose everything, too.

However, she felt it was not worth it.

No matter how incompetent she was, Elizab


not want to seek

revenge with this method.

“Mr. Hilton, you deserve someone bette

As she finished speaking,

e elevator doors opened. Elizabeth stepped out

before him and walked away.

She ignored the looks of everyone in the office. Elizabeth made up her mind to be herself and let everyone say what they


In the meantime, as Matthew watch

the woman walk away with a straightened back, he could see her determination.

Elizabeth was no ordinary woman. Any other woman who had been through a tough life like her would accept Matthew

without hesitation.

They would do anything to be with him.

Meanwhile, Esme greeted Elizabeth when he saw her, “Good morning, Ms. Wade!”

“Morning, Mr. Mack” She returned a smile.

Then Elizabeth opened the door to the CEO’s office, walked in, and placed her bag in the corner of her desk.

She was about to make a cup of coffee for Matthew when she saw a lady sitting on the couch. The lady smiled at


Elizabeth did not know her, but she knew this lady was here to see Matthew. Thus, Elizabeth said to her, “Miss, Mr. Hilton

is here. He’ll come into the office any time now.”

“Thank you,” the lady responded with a slight nod.

Elizabeth felt she was a pretty and polite lady.

Just then, Matthew opened the door and trod in. He spotted the lady sitting on the couch and knew that it was the

dermatologist sent by Nicolas

Matthew cast a glance at Elizabeth and instructed coldly, “Ms Wade, get me two cups of coffee.”

At his order, Elizabeth stood up and walked out of the office.

When she was out of sight, Matthew walked toward the couch, sat down, and asked, “Are you Dr. Robinson?”


Chapter 126 Matthew Seema Different Today

Noling. Layla Rolone replied, “Mr Ferguson sent me here, Mr. Hilton He said that you needed medical treatment. May I know where you’re feeling the discomfort

Matthew wat on

couch with his legse

wind observed the woman in front of him “I’m not the one who needs

treatment. It’s my secretary There is a wound on her chest, but I want you to tell her it’s an allergy reaction and prescribe her.

some medie


A trace of clarity Hashed across Layla’s eyes. Before she came, Nicolas had told her to follow whatever Matthew said, and

she finally unde what Nicolas meant

“Don’t worry, Mr Hilton As a doctor, I’m only responsible for treating my patients. I will mind my own business,” Layla


I knew I could count on Nicolas.

“Okay You can start once she returns.

Matthew rose to his feet and went to his office desk.

Not long after he ant down, Elizabeth came in and placed the coffee on his table. “Your coffee, Mr. Hilton.”

Matthew looked up and pointed at Layla. “Elizabeth, she’s a dermatologist that Nicolas sent. She’s here to take a look at your allergy reaction.”

Slightly startled, Elizabeth responded, “Right here? There’s no need for that! I can go to the hospital on my own during


Why is he doing this? I’m not that weak!

Standing up. Layla elimed, “Ms. Wade, I’m already here. You don’t have to make another trip to the hospital Let’s go to

the lounge, and I’ll examine your wound.”

Elizabeth quickly walked toward Layla and placed the coffee in front of her.

“Here’s your coffee, doctor.”

“Thank you”

After that, both Elizabeth and Layla went into the lounge Elizabeth took off her shirt for Layla to examine her wound.

“It hurts a little, but this is the only area on my body that is red. It’s not something serious, right?” she asked Layla.



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