Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 127

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 127

Chapter 127 Something Is Wrong With The Debt

Chapter 127 Something Is Wrong With The Debt

Layla’s face fell as she examined the wound on Elizabeth’s chest.

The former did not expect the injury to be this serious Wow, what an impressive man Mr. Hilton is. This is not something

an average person could do!

s not something seri

She smiled faintly at Elizabeth. “Don’t worry. However, don’t shower at night. Otherwise, it’ll

take some time to heal.”

With that said, Layla took out an ointment from her medicine box and gave her instructions to Elizabeth. “Apply this

ointment three times daily. You’ll recover within several days.”

Elizabeth took the ointment and applied some to her wound.

Exiting the lounge, Layla stood in front of Matthew’s table.

“Mr. Hilton, I’ve examined her wound. She just needs to apply the medicated ointment for a few days,” she informed.

Matthew raised his head and responded calmly, “Thank you, Dr. Robinson. Esme is waiting outside for you with your

monetary gift.”

“It’s okay. I’m just doing my job.” Layla shook her head.

She did not dare to receive the monetary gift since Nicolas had sent her there.

“You must accept it,” Matthew remarked firmly.

The monetary gift was considered his hush money.

Seeing how firm he was, Layla did not insist. “Thank you, then, Mr. Hilton.”

By the time Elizabeth came out of the lounge, she felt better. The ointment had an icy effect. After applying it, her wound

did not hurt as much anymore.

Seeing the smile on Elizabeth’s face, Matthew knew she had applied the ointment.

Elizabeth went back to her desk. She arranged Matthew’s current schedule, answered a few calls from people who wanted

to meet Matthew, and made an appointment for them.

When she had nothing to do, Elizabeth would do some reading to improve herself. Only with higher education level would

she be able to choose a job that she liked in the future.

At some point, Jessica texted her: Lizzy, sorry to disturb you. I know I told them I’d pay them in a with the discussion of my house’s price yet. Can I delay the payment for a few days?

month, but I’m not done

Elizabeth pondered a while after reading the text message from Jessica. There shouldn’t be a problem with delaying the

payment for several days.


Chapter 127 Something Is Wrong With The Debt

Thus, Elizabeth replied: Okay, I’ll contact him right away.

Jessica: Love you, Lizzy’

Elizabeth broke into a smile after seeing the cheesy gif that Jessica sent.

Taking her cup, she walked toward the pantry.

Elizabeth noticed how her colleagues instantly ended their conversation and went back to their respective seats upon

seeing her.

Elizabeth frowned, wondering if they were talking about her.

She tightened her grip on the cup and ignored the thought of them gossiping about her. After all, as Matthew’s personal

secretary, it was natural for her to be close to him.

Earning money was no easy feat indeed.

Entering the pantry, she filled her cup with water and sat by the window to call Josh.

“Lizzy, are you paying today?” he asked on the other end of the line.

Josh was in a good mood, as he had just received his commission for the month. If Elizabeth paid the money now, everything would be done and dusted.

“Josh, my friend is facing some issues right now. Is it possible for us to pay in a few days?” she asked cautiously.

Josh was momentarily stunned upon hearing that. “I have to ask my boss about this.”

“Sure, go ahead. I’ll wait for your answer,” Elizabeth replied with a smile.

After the call ended, she held the cup and took a sip, looking out the window. I finally have something to look forward to in

the future I can feel that better days are coming. My only wish, for now, is that Pearl will recover so that Jessica will regain.

her hope in life.

At that moment, Josh called her. She hurriedly accepted the call and inquired, “Josh, what did your boss say?”

“He said a few more days is fine, Lizzy. However, he’ll be charging interest from now.

Elizabeth smiled “I understand Tell your boss that I agree with the interest”

It’s reasonable for him to charge us with interest since we’re late in payment.

“The interest is quite lugh, Lizzy Remember to pay as soon as you can,” Josh stressed.

Upon hearing that, Elizabeth answered solemnly, “Okay I’ll urge her to pay as soon as she can.”



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