Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 128

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 128

Chapter 128 Brilliant Sons

Chapter 128 Brilliant Sons

When Elizabeth returned to the office, she realized Matthew was nowhere to be seen.

He had not been in his office for the whole day. Thus, Elizabeth did not have much work to do. She answered a few calls, all of which were directed from the mainline. Everyone that called had said that they had important matters to discuss with Matthew and wanted to make an appointment to meet him.

That was what Elizabeth would do on a daily basis. Sometimes she had to follow Matthew around while he did the inspections outdoor.

Elizabeth would have to prepare drinks, an umbrella, and sunglasses for Matthew.

To her, Matthew was living a comfortable life. Other people prepared everything that he needed. He seemed like a big baby, enjoying being served by others.

However, it was strange that he did not bring her along today.

Maybe he knows that I’m not feeling well because of my allergy reaction. As Elizabeth thought about Matthew’s concern toward her, a smile could be seen on her face.

When it was time to get off work, Matthew had not returned to the office yet.

Elizabeth got ready to leave the office and pick up her children from school.

Taking out her phone, she sent Matthew a message.

Elizabeth texted: Mr. Hilton, I’m going home now. Do you need me to prepare your


She did not need to cook dinner for Matthew if he needed to attend business dinners at night.

It took a while before he replied to Elizabeth.

Matthew sent. No need. I have a business dinner tonight.

Elizabeth smiled in satisfaction after reading his text. Then her fingers moved swiftly across the screen as she typed Don’t drink too much, Mr. Hilton Go home early!

She felt that there were no other secretaries like her who constantly looked out for their bosses.

Without waiting for Matthew’s reply, Elizabeth took her bag and left the office happily. She headed toward the kindergarten where her triplets were at

The school session was coincidentally over by the time Elizabeth arrived at the kindergarten She had enrolled all three of her children in the extra classes. Thus, it was almost seven o’clock in the evening when it was time for them to go home.

Elizabeth was in line with other parents. All the teachers knew who she was because of her triplets. They were all in the came class,

no less.


Chapter 128 Brilliant Sons

The teacher called the names of the three children. Abby was the first one who ran over to Elizabeth.

“Lizzy, you’re here to pick us up today!” Abby exclaimed as she saw her mother.

She was holding on to a handmade necklace in her tiny hands. “Look! This is what we made in the extra class today. I

made this for you”

After speaking to their teacher, Elizabeth walked with her three children to the car.

“Lizzy, I made this necklace myself. You must wear it all the time, okay?” Abby said excitedly.

Elizabeth frowned when she looked at the necklace with three colored beads on her neck, yet she did not have the heart to

reject her daughter after seeing Abby’s excitement.

“Okay. I’ll wear it all the time,” Elizabeth promised.

On the other side, Arthur and Antony were holding on to their artwork as well. Abby turned to look at them and asked,

“Arthur, Antony, didn’t both of you make bracelets for Lizzy too? Let her wear them!”

Abby was a naive and cute child, whereas Arthur and Antony were more mature for their age. They felt that their artwork

could only be used for decoration.

People will laugh at Mommy if she wears the bracelets that we made.

Elizabeth noticed that her two sons were strolling behind her. She turned toward them and reached out her hand. “Put on

the bracelets for me, please.”

As their mother, Elizabeth needed to match their innocence, especially since her sons were a bit prideful.

Arthur glanced at his brother, and Antony smiled while saying, “Mommy, we’re not children anymore. We’re not going to

play with these

With that, he gave the bracelet that he was holding to Elizabeth. Arthur mirrored his brother’s movement. He looked away

and awkwardly gave her the bracelet.

Seeing the colors of the bracelets, Elizabeth could not help but laugh. Arthur made a black color bracelet while Antony’s

was gray

“It’s hard on you both to attend classes with Abby,” she said to her sons.

Arthur and Antony were brilliant kids and could learn independently. They had finished learning elementary school

lessons However, because of their mischievous sister, Abby, the boys were forced to attend kindergarten with her.


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