Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 129

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 129

Chapter 129 Thank You For Choosing Me

Chapter 129 Thank You For Choosing Me

Arthur and Antony shook their heads. “Mommy! We appreciate your hard work.”

These two were aware that their mother had been working ever since they were little. They would watch her work four or

five jobs a day to bring them up.

She was even reluctant to buy something for herself, like beautiful clothes or good cosmetics, so they had been studying

hard, hoping to grow up quickly and share the burden with Elizabeth.

Looking at her lovely sons and noticing the determination in their eyes, Elizabeth felt like crying

With two such sensible sons, she was willing to do anything

Elizabeth walked over and hugged them both. “Thank you for choosing me to be your mother.”

Elizabeth felt she was not good enough. She failed to give them a good life or even a father.

She was really grateful that they chose her as their mother.

Abby also ran over, joining the hug. “Don’t forget about me. I want a hug, too.”

The two boys dragged Abby to the middle, and the three enfolded Elizabeth in their arms. She smiled sweetly. “We are


After the wholesome moment, they got into the car..

Abby suddenly asked, “Lizzy, Mr. Handsome called me last night and talked with Antony and Arthur. He told them you

were away on business last night and couldn’t come home on time. Where did you go? I want to go too.”

In Abby’s mind, Elizabeth should take her wherever she went, especially when she was with Matthew.

Abby was so happy to see Matthew because he looked like her brothers. Matthew was like family to her.

Upon hearing that, Elizabeth widened her eyes. No wonder they didn’t call me. Turns out, he told them. Huh, I guess he’s

a principled man, all right

Elizabeth did not even think of informing her sons last night. She had to be home at 10 p.m. every night. Otherwise, her

sons would check up on her.

She had her heart set on finding Leonard that she had forgotten about the children at home.

What Matthew did was heartwarming, and she had to admit that the man deserved what he had achieved today

“Abby, I went to the outskirts I didn’t come back because it was too late, and I was on a business trip, so I couldn’t take

you with me.”

Abby nodded. “Oh. Then when can we invite Mr. Handsome for dinner? I miss him.”


Chapter 129 Thank You For Choosing Me

Abby had not seen Matthew in a long time; she missed him so much.

Elizabeth glanced at Abby from the rearview mirror, noticing the longing in her daughter’s eyes.

Since when are they this close?

“Mommy, we all think Mr. Hilton is good. He can be your boyfriend,” Antony uttered.

This was the decision of Antony and Arthur. Matthew had a good personality and drop-dead good looks, after all.

When Elizabeth came home late, he would help her inform her children. He was a pleasant man in the kids’ eyes.

They would love to have a man like that to help them take care of Elizabeth and love her.

Hearing that, Elizabeth almost stepped on the wrong paddle. Why are my sons like this?

Her actions made Abby pop out of her seat.

Crawling back to her seat, the kid scolded, “Elizabeth, can you stop slamming the brakes? It hurts me.”

Both Arthur and Antony stretched out their hands to block Abby’s waist to prevent her from falling again.

Elizabeth smiled embarrassedly. “Okay, I’ll drive slower. However, Mr. Hilton and I are not what you think. He is my boss, and I work for his company, so we usually have some contact. We are nothing more than that, and I definitely can’t be his girlfriend.”


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