Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 13

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 13

Chapter 13 Big Shot 

She turned and tried to leave. However, Matthew pulled her over and shoved her roughly

into the car,

As Elizabeth fell, her head knocked against the car seat. Her brows knitted together, and her

face scrunched up in pain. Bristling with anger, she glared fiercely at Matthew.

“Mr. Hilton, we aren’t acquainted at all, so you shouldn’t interfere in my affairs,” she


She felt that Matthew was being ridiculous. She was grateful to him for having saved her life,

but she sensed that he held her in disdain.

If he looks down on me, he doesn’t need to save me. He could have left me alone. Why

would he save me and then treat me in such a way?

Matthew got into the car and instructed the chauffeur, “To…”

A sudden realization struck him. He did not know where Elizabeth lived. He coldly asked,

“Where do you live? I’ll give you a ride.”

Matthew completely ignored her earlier remark.

Elizabeth slowly sat up, and a smirk appeared on her gorgeous face.

“Mr. Hilton, did you not understand me? I don’t need a lift from you, I want you to let me get

off the car,” she replied.

With that said, she made a move to get out of the car, but Matthew held onto her hand

tightly and chided, “Elizabeth, please spare a thought for your daughter! She is such a cute girl,

but here you are, working in such a dangerous environment. If anything happens to you, what

will become of her?”

At the mention of her kids, Elizabeth got even more stirred up, and she snapped, “Yes, that’s

the kind of person I am! Not only did I not attend university, I even got pregnant at eighteen years

old! On top of that, I’m such a failure as a mother that my kids have to suffer with me. In you


Chapter 13 Big Shot

eyes, I’m a mess, so you look down on me… But I didn’t beg for your help, so please don’t

lecture me anymore.”


She broke free of Matthew’s grasp and flung open the car door, striding off toward Night

Matthew took out a cigarette and lit it up. Watching as she stormed away, he took a long

whiff of his cigarette.

He leaned back in his chair as he exhaled the smoke.

He did not know what had gotten into him. Whenever he saw Elizabeth suffering, he felt a

pang of heartache and an inexplicable sense of wanting to help her. That was the case for this

time and the previous time.

He knitted his brows heavily at how she had accused him of looking down on her.

“Hmph!” He snorted and then ordered the chauffeur, “Head home.”

The chauffeur had his breath held. Though Matthew seemed a little domineering, that was

the first time he had brought a woman to his car. Elizabeth was a stunner, albeit a little


That woman is really gutsy to have yelled at Mr. Hilton like that. I’ve never seen anyone.

behaving like so in front of him.

“Yes, Mr. Hilton,” he replied.

After Elizabeth returned to Night City, she gathered her clothes, preparing to leave after

changing. Having caused such a scene that day, she knew that she could not stay in Night City

any longer.

After changing, she took her bag and walked toward the dressing room.

Her good friend, Jessica Frye, approached her and hugged her tightly.

“Lizzy, are you leaving already? It’s still early, why don’t you stay for a while more?”

suggested Jessica.


Chapter 13 Big Shot

She held a cigarette in her hand. Jessica had thick, shoulder-length wavy hair and wore a

tight-fitting red dress that accentuated her figure. Thick makeup completed her look, and she was

the epitome of seduction as she stood there taking a puff of her cigarette.

Elizabeth asked, “What did the manager say? Am I fired?”

Although she was the pillar of Night City, she was aware that they would not show her any

mercy for making a scene.

Jessica merely smiled and answered, “Go and have a look for yourself. But Lizzy, when did

you get acquainted with those big shots?”

Elizabeth knew that she would most likely be fired. She had also already men tally prepared

herself for a beating. In Night City, the unwritten rule was that the customers were always right

and that their words were the law. However, she offended one today. She was aware that she

would not be let off lightly.

A crowd had gathered at the entrance of the dressing room. All of them were the employees

there. Some of them were like Jessica and were in charge of selling liquor. For others, they were

like Elizabeth, who was in charge of performing and dancing on stage.

Seeing that Elizabeth had appeared, all of them called out to her, “Ms. Bunny.”

The manager sauntered over and draped an arm over Elizabeth’s shoulders.

“Ms. Bunny, remember to come back and visit us. Don’t be a stranger! Your wage will be

calculated based on the days that you are at work. By the way, are you close to Mr. Hilton? Can

you put in a good word for us?” she asked.


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