Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 130

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 130

hapter 130 Thank You

Chapter 130 Thank You

Arthur and Antony remained silent, but Abby could not hold herself back “Even if he’s your boss, you can date! If he

becomes your boyfriend, others won’t dare bully you in the company.”

Elizabeth was rendered speechless.

Why does she know so much? She’s only five!

“Abby, don’t watch those lousy romance dramas anymore.”

Abby stuck out her tongue at her, looking a bit unhappy.

When they reached home, Abby pulled a long face and went to see Cody.

Arthur and Antony trod on the heels of Elizabeth to her bedroom.

Elizabeth was about to change clothes, and when she saw the two boys coming in, she asked, “Anything else?”

Arthur handed her a brochure. “Mommy, we signed you up for a training class.”

Elizabeth took the brochure and had a look at it. YK Clothing Academy.

Smiling, Antony continued, “Mommy, don’t you always like designing clothes? You can learn it now.”

Stunned, Elizabeth looked at the brochure and her sons. Although they were kids, they knew her very well. “Thank you, my


Arthur and Antony smiled. Then the former reminded her, “Remember to attend the class after you get off work every day. Don’t be late, and don’t leave early. We are looking forward to wearing the clothes you designed.”

The encouragement and care of the children drove Elizabeth to strive for the best.

She nodded. “Sure, I’ll definitely work hard to design beautiful clothes for you.


Hearing that, Antony and Arthur nodded in satisfaction. “Go take a shower, then. We’ll head out.”

The two walked out and went to their bedroom.

Antony and Arthur recently bought a new computer, and they also found an outstanding mentor to teach them. programming

Looking at her two sons’ backs while holding the brochure and payment receipt, Elizabeth sighed.

She wanted to ask where they got the money from, but she knew she need not worry about that, for her sons would not do anything illegal.


They must’ve borrowed the money from Dominic. I should give him a call.

Chapter 130 Thank You

“Lizzy, so you know I’m back today?” Dominic’s exhilarating voice sounded.

“Where did you go?” So he had been away. No wonder I haven’t seen him in a while.

However, she had kept a distance from Dominic for the past few years; she would not look for him unless there were any

special means.

“I went to Corleon for a business trip. It’s been almost a month, and I just got off the plane.”

Oh, so it’s a good coincidence I called him at this time.

“Dominic, I have something to ask. Have Antony and Arthur borrowed money from you?”

The academy’s tuition’s more than ten thousand. There’s no way they could have that much money.

“No, Antony and Arthur’s stocks are doing well. They should have made a lot of money.”

Hearing this, Elizabeth was stupefied. “What? They are involved in stocks?”

Dominic knew she would react this way. “I opened the account for them, using your ID card information. Don’t worry.

The two are talented, and they are not greedy. They will be fine.”

Elizabeth was on tenterhooks. Dominic did not teach them good things but led them to trade stocks instead. Many people

went bankrupt from this and even ended their lives after their stocks hit bottom. Such news was often reported on television.

Her sons were still kids. If Arthur and Antony could not stand the temptation, they were more likely to get into trouble

than adults.


“Dominic, I’ll talk to you later. Bye.”

Ending the call, Elizabeth went to her sons’ room and watched them sitting at the desk, typing quickly on the keyboard.


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