Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 131

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 131

Chapter 131 Responsibility

“What are you two doing?”

Arthur and Antony exchanged looks, and the latter answered with a smile, “We’re playing, Mommy.”

The two swiftly retreated. Elizabeth peeked over and saw the two watching cartoons.

Only then did she sigh in relief.

“Where did you get the money for the tuition fees? Dominic told me you two were trading stocks with him. You’re not allowed to do that from now on. You should learn to work honestly instead of thinking about raking big bucks every day.

Arthur got up and pulled Elizabeth to sit on the bed. There was a cabinet separating Abby’s bed. The three siblings lived in the same room, but Abby had her own secret space

Antony turned around the chair to face Elizabeth “We just traded once, and we never touched it again, Mommy. We got the money from stock trading last time, and it’s just enough for your tuition fees.”

Elizabeth stared at her two sons. They were too bright, and there were times she did not know what they were thinking.

She only understood Abby and knew what she was thinking

Elizabeth hoped her two sons would simply act like Abby and be innocent children.

“Really?” Elizabeth asked.

The two raised their right hands and promised, “We swear-”

Before they could finish, Elizabeth interrupted, “Never mind, don’t say it. I believe you.”

The brothers smiled as they looked at each other. Then, Elizabeth went back to her room to take a bath.

As she took her clothes and headed to the bathroom, her phone rang. She turned around and saw her phone lying on the bed, the screen flickering

Elizabeth put down her pajamas, took the phone, and noticed it was a call from Matthew.

She was reluctant to answer it. It’s already past eight. Is that guy going to ask me to make desserts for him?

However, Elizabeth also did not want to lose her job. After all, she owed him a huge amount of money.

“Hello, who is it? I’m about to go to bed.”

“It’s not even nine yet, and you’re already about to sleep? Are you turning into a chicken, Elizabeth?”

Elizabeth pouted angrily. You and your whole family are chickens.

Chapter 131 Responsibility


“What do you want, Mr. Hilton?”

Matthew had just returned from a dinner meeting, and he was sitting in his car. He did not take a sip of alcohol, but he

smoked a lot, and his throat felt quite scratchy.

He reached up to loosen his tie. He narrowed his eyes as his Adam’s apple bobbed.

“I have to remind you of something. Elizabeth. You can’t shower tonight, or your allergic areas will heal slower.” His eyes

darkened as he spoke.

Some scenes from the previous night appeared in his mind. Matthew gulped as he willed away those impure thoughts.

Elizabeth’s eyes widened slightly. She almost forgot about that. The medicine prescribed by the doctor was quite effective.

She applied it twice in the company and did not feel pain anymore.

She came to her senses and realized she could not drench herself.

Elizabeth giggled and replied, “You’re so nice to your subordinates, Mr. Hilton I almost forgot about it. Thanks for your


Matthew chuckled. “Well, you got hurt because of me. Naturally, I should take responsibility.”

He smirked devilishly as if recalling the memories from last night.

Elizabeth was confused. “Because of you?”

She raised her hand to touch her allergic spot. What does he have to do with this?

Matthew answered, “I brought you to that place last night. You drank too much, and it caused an allergic reaction. Aren’t

I involved in this matter too?”

Elizabeth was too naïve, and Matthew kept thinking of ways to tease her. He had her completely wrapped around his


Elizabeth smiled. “Oh, you’re right. Are you home yet, Mr. Hilton? Please rest well. Goodbye.”

She quickly hung up and turned off her phone.



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