Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 135

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 135

Chapter 135 Run Into An Old Friend

For the following days, Elizabeth went to work as usual. She went to the branch offices for a site visit with Matthew.

That day, they were going to Goodridge Mall in Mistwood. It was under Hilton Group, and there were branches all over

the world.

It was New Year. Hence, every shop in that district had its promotional activities going on. The mall in Mistwood invited.

its CEO to attend an event where he was asked to give a speech.

Elizabeth looked at the handsome man on the stage. He had to face the crowd with countless cameras pointing at him.

Yet, he looked calm when he gave his speech with a sense of humor. The girls in the audience seat were screaming

excitedly. Standing backstage, Elizabeth felt as though she was looking at a celebrity.

Suddenly, a woman came closer to her and sized her up.

“Elizabeth, is it you?”

Elizabeth looked at the woman in a professional black suit. The latter, who had nicely trimmed short hair, looked


“Who are you?”

Lillian Simpson smiled as she replied, “Elizabeth, it’s me, Lillian Simpson! Your high school friend! We haven’t met each other for six years, and you never changed a bit! You’re still as gorgeous as before!”

Upon hearing her, Elizabeth recollected her memory at once. “It’s you, Lillian, our class monitor!”

She didn’t recognize her because the latter used to have long hair and black-framed glasses back then. Lillian was also an

academic over

Lillian nodded in response. “So, you are Mr. Hilton’s secretary now?”

A tinge of envy flashed across her eyes as she spoke. She remembered that Elizabeth’s grade in school was not outstanding. It had to be her family background that secured her a good job today.

“Yeah. Lilkan, are you working in Goodridge Mall? What a coincidence! We’re colleagues now!”

Though Elizabeth worked in the headquarters while Lillian worked in a branch office, they worked for the same company


Lillian nodded. “Elizabeth, let’s exchange the contact numbers. We have a class reunion this Saturday. You have to join us. We used to have it every year without your presence. This year, we finally have everyone together!”

Elizabeth added Lillian’s WhatsApp and phone number. Nonetheless, she felt uneasy at the mention of a class reunion


After all, many people had been criticizing her past She didn’t want her classmates to gossip about it, too

Lallan took a look at her watch and said, “Elizabeth, promise me you’ll come!

Elizabeth replied, “Sure”

Meanwhile, Matthew had done his speech and cut the ribbon When he came down from the stage. Elizabeth quickly poured a cup of ginger tea front the thermos and handed it to him.

“It’s too cold here, Mr Hilton Warm yourself up with some tea.

The location of the event was outdoor. The weather was gloomy. It was as though it would snow anytime soon, and the temperature was low

Elizabeth was so cold that her face and nose had turned red. Her hands were frigid when she passed him the cup.

Matthew took off his coat and draped it over her body.

Then, he accepted the cup and took a sip of the teat

“I was a little nervous while giving the speech just now. So, I’m feeling warm now. Help me take the coat.

Initially, Elizabeth wanted to return the coat to lum and tell him that she wasn’t feeling cold.

It turned out that he felt warm and didn’t want to wear it instead. She could certainly use it then. Smiling, she wrapped th

coat lighter around her. She could still feel his warmth

Meanwhile, Matthew told Esme, “Let’s go back to the office.”

It was compulsory for him to attend the event that day. He wouldn’t have asked her to come along if he had known she

would have to suffer the cold. After all, she would be more comfortable staying in the company with the heater turned on.

Elizabeth quickly grabbed her belongings and caught up with his pace. She felt she had come back to life again when she

got into the fully heated car

Just then, her phone vibrated. It was a text message from Lillian.

Lillian texted her: Elizabeth, please be there on time this Saturday in Anderson Hot Spring Villa.



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