Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 136

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 136

Chapter 136 Class Reunion 1

On Saturday, Elizabeth received a call from Lillian while she was still in bed.

“Elizabeth, don’t forget to gather at the lobby at noon later.”

Elizabeth knew her class monitor had always been a responsible person. The latter had never changed since she knew

She had to admit that someone like Lillian was born to be a natural leader.

“Got it, Lillian.”


After ending the call, she let out a long sigh. She didn’t want to attend the reunion, but it seemed that she had no choice

Struggling to get out of the bed, she picked a more reserved swimming suit and changed into black sportswear. Before she left the house, she put on a cap and wore it underneath the hood of her jacket.

With that outfit, she looked youthful and dazzling. The three children followed behind her. Abby sighed.

“Lizzy, what is a class reunion? I want to go, too!”

Elizabeth put her bag on the passenger seat in her car and looked at Abby whose hair was still messy. The latter looked

adorable in her pajamas with a duckling design.

“It’s like you and your classmates gather together many years later when all of you have grown up.

Abby nodded. “I see. That’s when little Abby becomes big Abby!”

Elizabeth smiled, caressing her daughter’s cheek.

“Yes. That’s what I mean!”

Arthur looked worried. “You don’t know how to swim. Remember to ask for a pool float when you go somewhere deep.”

Antony also raised his brows and chimed in, “Show us your swimming suit. You can’t expose too much skin.”

Elizabeth was dumbfounded. Are these two boys worried about me now? She shrugged her shoulders helplessly.

“Don’t worry. I’ll take care of myself, and my swimming suit is the most old-fashioned one!”

At that moment, Elizabeth could already imagine what would happen when Abby started dating in the future. Under the strict supervision of her two brothers, Abby might have a hard time meeting a boyfriend.

She urged her three children to go home. “Stay at home. Cody will send you guys to the training class in the afternoon.”

Then, she drove off in the direction of Anderson Hot Spring Villa. It was in a county that was famous for its hot springs.

As soon as she got herself on the highway, her phone rang She answered it immediately without looking at the caller ID.


She was wearing Bluetooth earphones, as she was afraid of being caught violating the traffic rules.

“Elizabeth, don’t forget that you still owe me one hundred and nineteen thousand. It’s almost noon. Why aren’t you here to

make me lunch yet?”

Elizabeth didn’t have to work on the weekend, but Matthew had never asked her over to make meals during the past

weekends. Hence, she assumed she could have a break on the weekends.

His call frustrated her. She wouldn’t have agreed to attend the class reunion if she had known she could use that as an


“I’m sorry, Mr. Hilton. I have a class reunion today, so I need to take a day off.”

She was already driving on the highway. It wouldn’t be practical to go back now. Moreover, Lillian had been urging her to

attend. It wouldn’t be nice to be absent.

On top of that, Lillian had told her that everyone attended the class union every year except for her.

It sounded as though they were looking forward to seeing her.

Matthew frowned upon hearing her. “A class reunion? Didn’t you say you have never attended school?”

He remembered she had once told him that

Elizabeth couldn’t help cursing at him the moment she heard him. D*mn! You’ve never attended school yourself! Your family is all an illiterate bunch of fools!

“Mr. Hilton, I attended high school. So, isn’t it normal to attend a high school reunion?”


Elizabeth felt like retorting at him, as the way he treated her was like he was checking up on her.

“Mr. Hilton, this is my personal matter. Can I not talk about this?”

She felt like hanging up on him at that instant. This man is such a pain in the ass!

“Sure. Perhaps I should get Cody to be my personal secretary. Enjoy your class reunion, then!”


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