Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 138

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 138

Chapter 138 Class Reunion 3

Tiana got surrounded by her classmates. Everyone was trying to curry favor with her so that she would introduce them to Matthew.

Looking at that sight, Elizabeth had to admit that Matthew was popular indeed.

She lowered her head to glance at her bag, thinking of going to her room first.

Benjamin didn’t pay any attention to the conversation between Tiana and the rest of them.

He reached out his hand to Elizabeth instead. “Let me help you. Our rooms are next to each other. Mine is 1207, and yours is 1208.”

Of course, Lillian was the one who arranged that. Elizabeth smiled.

“It’s not heavy. I can carry it myself.”

During all these years, she had raised her children and done everything by herself. She had gotten used to being independent.

Benjamin was slightly disappointed at her reply. He didn’t insist, and he said, “I want to do something for a beautiful woman, but she won’t let me. It breaks my heart.”

The rest of them were busy flattering Tiana. They didn’t notice that Elizabeth had left with Benjamin and taken the elevator to their rooms.

Upon reaching the room, Benjamin called out to her. “Elizabeth, come out once you’ve settled down. We’ll dine in the restaurant first and get changed after the meal.”

He was afraid that she would change into her swimming suit after getting into the room. He didn’t want other people to watch her in the swimming suit.

Elizabeth smiled. “Sure.”

With that said, she went into her room and put her bag down. She scanned across the room. It was big, clean, and


Then, she went to check on the balcony. Behind the room, there was a variety of hot springs. They could soak themselves in the hot springs from the bottom to the top of the hill later.

Earlier in the lobby, she saw on the promotional flyer that there was a hot spring that overlooked the view underneath the hill. It was one of the most popular spots.

Elizabeth took her phone and walked out of the room shortly. She saw the handsome man waiting in front of the door.

He had taken off his coat and changed into black sportswear. They were in matching outfits.

Elizabeth was stunned. She didn’t expect that he would be waiting for her.


“Benjamin, haven’t you gone down yet?”

Benjamin merely glanced at her calmly. “You’re still the same. Always act like a tortoise.”

With that said, he stroked her hair with a smile of adoration on his face.

Elizabeth tidied her hair immediately. “Benjamin, you’re still as childish as before.”

The man had always liked to stroke her hair like that in the past, and she would always get angry because she looked ugly when her hair became messy.

The two burst out laughing suddenly. It was as though they were brought back to their high school days.

Then, they went down to the restaurant on the second floor. They had booked a private chamber. Hence, it wasn’t too noisy there.

Elizabeth and Benjamin went ahead to fill their plates before returning to the table.

The round table was already full of people, but they didn’t seem to be so friendly anymore. Everyone glanced at Elizabeth awkwardly.

Elizabeth looked at the woman with delicate makeup who sat not far away from her. She knew the latter must have said

something to those people.

Just then, Benjamin’s best friend, Chester Xander, approached him.

“Benjamin, they said Elizabeth is a sugar baby of an old man, and she has even given birth to three children for him.

You’d better think twice,”

Chester felt it was necessary to tell his best friend after knowing that news. He wouldn’t want the latter to get cheated.

He looked at Elizabeth’s sweet, innocent face and thought that this kind of woman knew how to gain a man’s sympathy for

sure. Hence, he had to warn Benjamin of that.

Benjamin’s expression changed swiftly. He swept a cold glance at everyone.

“Shut up! Scram out of here if anyone dares to speak another word!”


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