Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 140

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 140

Chapter 140 Speaking Ill of Matthew

Khaabeth was surprised. It had never crossed her mind that Matthew would come over with the kids.

She peered at her classmates.

It will be chaos if they know the man they are discussing is with

kids and, even mo

so, in the same area as us!

Elizabeth quickly replied to Matthew Mr. Hilton, please take care of my kids for me. Don’t let them run around unsupervised I’ll head over as soon as possible.

After she sent the message, Elizabeth stared at her phone.

Hopefully, he can keep an eye on them. If they don’t walk out of the mansion, we won’t bump into them!

“Let’s head to the hot spring now. Too bad someone booked Mansion 6. Otherwise, we could have enjoyed our time there,” Tiana suggested when she saw that everyone was about to finish their food.

Utter disappointment appeared on Tiana’s face as if she was a regular customer at Mansion 6.

Elizabeth guessed that Tiana had no idea Matthew was in the same vicinity as them, judging by her reaction.

Luckily, he didn’t tell her. If Tiana knew the kids were here, she would humiliate the kids in front of our classmates. I don’t

mind it when the insults are directed toward me, but I won’t allow anyone to insult my kids.

Lillian urged when she saw Elizabeth spacing out, “Elizabeth, let’s head there together. I hope you don’t mind what

happened earlier. We know what kind of person you are, so we know better than believing in everything others said.”

Benjamin smiled when he heard this. He nodded in agreement.

Meanwhile, Chester, who had prejudices against Elizabeth, couldn’t help but rethink his judgment of her. After all, he

knew how much Benjamin liked her and how much Lillian trusted her.

Maybe the rumors are fake!

He offered, “Elizabeth, let’s go together. Benjamin has always wanted to see you again over these years.”

During their high school days. Elizabeth and Benjamin had an excellent relationship as Elizabeth was seated next to Benjamin. Both of them had even promised to go to the same university together. However, Elizabeth had broken her promise

when the incident happened, and she had to drop out of school.

Elizabeth smiled. “We used to be best friends.”

They went back to their respective rooms and changed into swimwear. Elizabeth put on a sea-blue-colored swimsuit and a

pair of shorts with ruffles.

Then, she wrapped herself in a white bathrobe before stepping outside where the other three were waiting for her, dressed

in a white bathrobe like hers.


Benjamin couldn’t help but reminisce about their school days when he saw Elizabeth with her hair up in a bun The hairstyle accentuated her big eyes while also revealing her fair, clean, and slim face

Previously, Elizabeth had always tied her hair up in a bum It accentuated her beauty and made her look youthful She hasn’t changed at all. It’s like she hasn’t aged a day.

Elizabeth smiled. “Let’s go!”

Chester moved to Benjamin’s side. He whispered, “Wow. She still looks the same. How does she stay so young?”

How does she do it? I look like an old man after days of working tirelessly!

A smile appeared on Benjamin’s face. He answered, “Yes. She hasn’t changed at all.

Lillian wrapped her arm around Elizabeth’s. She asked, “Matthew isn’t an easygoing person, is he? It must be hard to work as his secretary, right?”

I’ve heard the news that he constantly admonishes my manager at work I’m sure he is a bad-tempered person who is hard to get along with.

Elizabeth nodded solemnly. “Exactly. It’s hard to work with him.


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